Jalajhia Finklea was last seen on November 25, 2020, at a McDonald’s in Crestview, Florida. When US Marshals tried to arrest him, he resisted and shot them. He later died at the scene. Jalajhia’s body was found three days later.

Jalajhia was only 18 years old when she disappeared. When she was young, she began to write songs and performed them. Hip hop artists from the 90s were her inspiration. She liked to go live on Facebook and perform covers of their songs. When she was in her teens, she began booking gigs around New England. She performed under the stage name DrippyLay. As she was building her fan base, she was interviewed for news outlets.

A homicide investigation is underway in Jalajhia’s death. A 37-year-old Florida man wanted in connection with her disappearance was shot and killed while a US Marshals task force was searching for him. Investigators have ruled the death a homicide.

Jalajhia Finklea was last seen on October 20. Her last known location is in the New Bedford area. However, she may have been abducted outside of Massachusetts. She is white, with brown hair and hazel eyes, and has a triangle scar on her left cheek.

Her disappearance has sparked a nationwide search. US Marshals searched for Jalajhia and identified the suspect as Luis Zaragoza, who also went by the alias Luis Barbosa. A warrant was issued for his arrest after U.S. Marshals discovered him last week. Finklea was accused of kidnapping, larceny of a motor vehicle, and other crimes.

A body found by Florida authorities is believed to be that of Jalajhia Finklea, a Massachusetts teenager who was last seen on Oct. 20. She was last seen entering a car driven by an older man. The man was later killed in a shootout with police. The body was not positively identified, but the district attorney’s office believes it was a homicide.

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