Jalen Green Hair

One of the most unique things about Jalen Green is his green hair. The color has become his signature look for many years. His haircut is a high taper, with short sides and a long top section. This style allows his hair to grow without weighing it down. It’s also easy to maintain and doesn’t require regular trimming.

Mills’ hair is so bright that some have compared his green color to that of a goblin. He’s been sporting green locks since he was drafted in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He was nicknamed the “Green Goblin” while playing for the Eagles, and he’s likely to keep it once he joins the Patriots.

During game time, he alternates between wearing his hair in cornrows and a ponytail. This protective style works well during game time and is incredibly versatile. Besides cornrows, Green’s hair is naturally curly, making it appear thick. This is a result of his African ancestry.

Green has already earned several honors for his play in the G League. He has been named All-Area and First-Team by the Orange County Register, and was named the MVP of the McDonald’s All-American Game. His performance in the G League led to him receiving a number of big-time college offers. He eventually chose Michigan State University.

Green has a very exciting personality and has all the tools to become a top player in the NBA. He has the attitude to make it, and the ability to become a Houston icon. But his rookie season was a bit shaky, and he struggled to create easy looks. Nevertheless, he eventually found his groove and learned how to use his tight handle to penetrate defenses.

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