James A. Ben

James Anthony Ben is an American investment banker and the husband of former Fox News anchor Trish Regan. He makes millions of dollars each year but keeps a low profile. However, balancing a career with family and personal life isn’t always easy. Ben has been married for almost 19 years and the couple has three children together.

Regan and James A. Ben met when they were at school. The two dated for a year and a half before they became engaged. They were married in a renowned ceremony in 2001. Their children are now adults and have their own children. The couple recently took a trip to Hawaii for their spring vacation. In addition to their busy schedule, James A. Ben is a good father. He once said that he’s lucky to have met his wife.

The financial expert James A. Ben is white and he belongs to the United States. His height and ethnicity are not known, but he is a white man. His parents are a businessman and a housewife. His parents have not revealed the names of their children.

Ben started his career as a lawyer and was part of a limited risk-partners firm. He later moved into finance and is now a Managing Director at the Rothschild Group in New York. He is a hardworking individual who has helped numerous companies become prosperous. However, beware of false hype!

Ben was born in 1971. He studied law at the University of Miami and got his doctorate in 1997. He was also interested in basketball from a young age. He played high school basketball with his cousin and also played college basketball in Durham, New Hampshire. Ben played as a forward, weighing 6 ft 8 inches. He played 82 games for the University between 1988 and 1992.

Ben has a net worth of about $1 million. He is married to Trish Regan, who is an American news anchor. The couple has three children together. They are also happy with their lives. The children are very important to Ben and his family. They are his greatest assets. He is a businessman who works hard.

Ben married Trish Regan on August 31, 2001. They have three children together, a daughter in 2009 and a son in 2012. After graduating from college, Ben began his career as an attorney. He was a member of the Bingham McCutchen law firm, and later joined the firm’s M&A practice. After that, Ben moved on to work for Sullivan & Cromwell LLP. He worked as an associate there until April 2000.

Trish Regan is a financial journalist and former singer. She is also an anchor for Bloomberg TV. She is Ben’s adviser on all matters. She has three children. They have two daughters and one son, James A. Ben.

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