James Bond Swim Trunks

James Bond Swim Trunks

James Bond fans can now enjoy the iconic film character’s swim trunks! These shorts have an elegant relaxed fit, slit pockets and a front zip button closure. These stylish swim trunks can be worn with a classic black pair of sunglasses or slip-on sandals. The James Bond Graphic print is both fun and fashionable.

Orlebar Brown’s limited-edition swim trunks

This British clothing label is known for its tailored men’s swim trunks. Founded by photographer Adam Brown in 2007, the company is based in West London and employs 50 people. Recently, the brand released its Summer Sport capsule collection, which focuses on technical fabrics. Its new campaign features Jeremy Jauncey.

The Orlebar Brown James Bond Swim Trunks are made of high-quality fabric for durability and comfort. They feature a shaped waistband with rear darts and adjustable side fasteners to ensure a perfect fit. The James Bond swim trunks also feature a stylish, vintage feel.

Fans of the James Bond films will be delighted to know that the clothing brand has teamed up with the iconic spy to create a special range of swimwear inspired by the films. These limited-edition Bond swim trunks feature artwork from three of his most famous films.

From Russia With Love

From Russia with Love is a 1982 action film directed by Terence Young and starring Sean Connery. The film was a sequel to Dr. No and the second Bond movie, and it features a female character who is very attractive. Bond was working in the SPECTRE organization, and the action film has a boat chase scene.

This James Bond swimsuit is reminiscent of Bond’s classic looks. The pale blue swimsuit has a short inseam and an elastic waistband. The top right pocket features a button-down flap and is adorned with a white stripe. The outseam is trimmed in a similar pattern.

Zachary Prell St. Giorgio

Those who want to look like James Bond can opt for the stylish Zachary Prell St. Giorgio Swim Trunks. These designer swim shorts are crafted from Italian fabric and are made to hit just above the knee. These swim shorts come in teal blue and are spring and summer appropriate. Moreover, they are quite versatile. They can be worn in different seasons and can be worn in a variety of settings.


During the filming of the newest installment of the James Bond franchise, Daniel Craig wore light blue swim trunks. The images of Bond in the trunks made female moviegoers gasp. The swimsuits were designed by luxury lingerie manufacturer La Perla. Similarly, the actress Caterina Murino, who plays Solange, wore an apple green sequined bikini by the same manufacturer.

The swim trunks were designed to resemble the iconic Bond swimwear. The La Perla James Bond swim shorts are similar to those worn by Daniel Craig’s Bond character in the 2008 film Casino Royale. The brand is also known for their Italian swimwear.

Casino Royale

The swimming scene in Casino Royale made quite a splash and was heavily advertised. It was a controversial casting choice to have Daniel Craig play Bond. Many people felt that Brosnan was the more handsome and posh Bond and that Craig wouldn’t be able to pull off the part. Nonetheless, the scene made a huge impression and influenced swimwear trends for years to come.

The James Bond swim trunks featured in Casino Royale were designed by La Perla and made in Italy. The swimsuit sold out within a week of its release. A New York Times article published shortly after the movie documented the surge in popularity of the swimsuits. The article described them as the perfect compromise between Speedos and traditional men’s swim trunks. Since then, sales have steadily increased each summer.

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