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James Charles Dickinson

James Charles Dickinson is an American beauty YouTuber and artist. He began his career as a local makeup artist in Bethlehem, New York, and later started a YouTube channel where he posts his makeup tutorials. This channel has become a popular destination for beauty enthusiasts all over the world.


James Charles has become a topic of controversy recently. The controversy stemmed from accusations that he groomed and sexted minors. Initially, James denied any implication in the matter. He claimed that he was not grooming the boys and was only soliciting racy photos from them. But his recent apology video was met with criticism and has led to a major backlash. James has since apologized for the scandal and has apologized to the young boys who were caught on camera. He also claims that he did not know the boys were underage and did not try to groom them.

The controversy has caused Charles to lose a lot of fans and followers. While he did regain some of his fame after posting an apology video on the social network, his following has decreased significantly. In the last month alone, Charles has lost about 200,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.


James Charles is an American make-up artist and social media personality. Born on May 23, 1999, he is a YouTube star and ambassador for the cosmetics brand CoverGirl. Since the start of his YouTube channel in December 2015, he has garnered over twelve million subscribers. The makeup artist has also been a part of several collabs with famous YouTubers.

After becoming a popular YouTube star, James Charles has begun a new career as a professional make-up artist. He started a YouTube channel called “James Charles” and started uploading make-up tutorial videos. His beauty skills are so in-demand that he was recently chosen as a spokesmodel for CoverGirl. He also collaborated with makeup brand Morphe to create eye shadow palettes with his name on them. In addition, he has undergone cosmetic surgery, including lip filler, botox, and LASIK, at Dougherty Laser Vision in L.A.

YouTube channel

James Charles is a YouTube star who came out as gay at the age of 12. His videos feature drag queens, men with fake nails and makeup, and even a boy who is still in his underwear. His tagline encourages viewers to be themselves, and this affirming nature lends itself to controversy. James has repeatedly apologized for his actions, and has promised to improve himself.

However, after the recent controversy, YouTube decided to take action against Charles, temporarily suspending his ads on his channel. YouTube has not revealed when the ad ban will end, so fans are left wondering if Charles will continue making content.

Legal battles

James Charles is facing a series of legal battles. One of them involves a lawsuit brought by a former employee. Kelly Rocklein, who worked for Charles for six months in 2018, filed the lawsuit two years ago. She claims that Charles used racist language and underpaid her and overworked her.

The former employee is suing the star for unfair dismissal and is also seeking back pay and damages for mental anguish and distress. James has denied the allegations and is currently fighting the case in court. The lawsuit is expected to last a few months. The court case is likely to continue and the singer hopes that it will be resolved in his favor. While the lawsuit is far from over, there are some things that are clear.

One controversy involving Charles involved underage boys who posted stories about him on TikTok. One of the most famous was when he made a joke about ebola on Twitter. Later, Charles apologized for his behavior. Another one was related to the case against him. Tati Westbrook, the former mentor of James Charles, publicly ended their friendship. Moreover, the former mentor publicly accused James Charles of being a bad role model and having inappropriate conversations with underage boys.


YouTube has been a key to James Charles’ success, and the beauty guru has gained a reputation as one of the best in the business. He is the first male brand ambassador for CoverGirl and has gone on to launch a clothing line and makeup line, as well as hosting a YouTube show called Instant Influencer. James has also faced controversy over false accusations and relationship drama. His YouTube videos are packed with controversy.

The most popular social media platforms for Charles’ controversies were Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, and sentiment analysis indicated that more than one person could fake stories about him to gain clout. However, this did not prevent Charles from being targeted by the public.

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