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James Franciscus

James Franciscus and Kathleen Ankney divorced in the late 1970s. After the divorce, James Franciscus was awarded custody of all their children. They split up their parenting duties so that the two older daughters stayed with their mother, while the younger stayed with James Franciscus. Franciscus later remarried to Carla Ankney. They were married for over thirty years, and their children are now grown and in a stable home.

James Franciscus was an actor

James Franciscus was an actor who appeared on a variety of television shows and in several movies. He got his big break in the ABC series ‘Naked City’ and later played a role in the CBS series ‘The Investigators’. He also appeared on ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘The DuPont Show’.

Franciscus had a net worth of $1.5 million at the time of his death. This amount would make him worth about $15 million today. His career included both acting and producing. Franciscus was 5 feet 9 inches tall. He died of emphysema in 1991.

Franciscus was born in Clayton, Missouri and graduated from Yale University. He also hosted a real-life adventure television show called ‘Waterworld’ from 1972 to 1975. His acting skills earned him roles in Italian films. His lead role in Dario Argento’s ‘The Cat o’ Nine Tails’ came in 1971. Despite his health problems, he continued to work on television and movies. He later turned to producing and writing screenplays.

In addition to his films, Franciscus also appeared in TV shows. He played small roles in many of these shows and movies. Some of his notable roles include Major Hoffman in Miracle of the White Stallions and Mike Ward on Death Valley Days. He later went on to star in Italian films like ‘The Cat o’ Nine Tails’ and ‘Killer Fish’. He also voiced a character in ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’, which received multiple nominations at the Oscars.

He played Kennedyesque presidents

James Franciscus was a six-footer with a golden boy image who played Kennedyesque presidents on television. In addition to his role as a leading man in “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” he also starred opposite Jaclyn Smith in “Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.” While his film career includes the leading roles of Kennedy-style presidents, Franciscus is best known for his roles in four popular television shows.

Franciscus was born in 1934. He was the only child of John Allen and Lorraine Franciscus. His father died in World War II, when he was nine. He later went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University, where he was a classmate of Dick Cavett and Bill Hinnant.

The Kennedys has garnered controversy in recent weeks because of the assassination of President Kennedy. But while many of the actors in the movie look and sound like the real President, they are not a perfect match. It’s important to keep in mind that the show is fiction, not history. It’s more of a drama than a historical document.

Despite his short acting career, Kennedy had a full life. He acted in numerous movies, including The Missiles of October (1974) and Knot’s Landing (1973). He was also on the track and field team. In 1993, Marshal Samuel Gerard played Kennedy in the thriller film, “The Fugitive.” Similarly, he also portrayed the 35th president as a drug addict in “The Crown.”

He split parenting responsibilities with his wife

James Franciscus splits parenting responsibilities between his wife and their children after their marriage lasted just over a decade. The couple had four children together. The two younger daughters stayed with their mother, while the oldest two stayed with their father. They separated in the late ’70s and remarried in 1980. James and Carla remained married until his death in 1991.

James Franciscus married Carla Ankney in 1980. The couple never had children. He later died of emphysema. In addition to acting, Franciscus was a screenwriter and producer. He earned a theater arts degree from Yale University. He continued his career in Hollywood up until his death.

He was married twice

Franciscus first married Kathleen “Kitty” Wellman, the daughter of director William A. Wellman. The couple had four daughters. The couple later divorced. Franciscus later married Carla Ankney, who was his former secretary and a former actress. The couple was married for almost twenty years and had four daughters.

After getting married, Franciscus began appearing in television shows. He also won the lead role in a low-budget film called I Passed for White. In this movie, Franciscus played a dark-skinned man who is married to a light-skinned woman who fears that her son will be black. He also starred in The Outsider, a film about the men who raised the Iwo Jima flag.

Franciscus had two sons, Randolph and Francis. In his early life, he lived in rural Missouri with his parents. He once survived a near-death accident by falling through a wall and landing on a lightning rod. Franciscus also claimed to own 25 dogs, including the beloved Randolph, which was so popular that he was named the school mascot.

Franciscus went on to marry Carla Ankney in 1980. The couple did not have any children. He died of emphysema in 1991. After his marriage to Ankney, Franciscus had a successful career as an actor, screenwriter, and producer. He earned his theater arts degree from Yale University. His career lasted until his death.

He had children

James Franciscus was an American actor who played many roles in feature films and television series. He has appeared in films such as Mr. Novak and The Naked City, as well as the television series Longstreet and Doc Elliot. He also had a role in the crime drama ‘Hunter’.

Franciscus had two wives, two sons, and one daughter. His first wife was Kathleen “Kitty” Wellman, daughter of William A. Wellman. Franciscus and Wellman married on March 28, 1960. Franciscus and Wellman had four daughters together, which was a record number for a Hollywood celebrity at that time.

Franciscus’ career continued to grow, and he landed numerous small roles and even starred in some Italian movies. In 1961, he starred in ‘I Passed For White,’ and later appeared in a series based on NBC’s ‘The Eleventh Hour’. In 1971, Franciscus had the lead role in Dario Argento’s ‘The Cat o’ Nine Tails’. In the early 1970s, Franciscus was also working as a screenwriter, and he attempted to produce films. His death was due to emphysema.

Franciscus was a graduate of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1957. During his university days, he studied with Dick Cavett and Bill Hinnant, both successful actors. In 1960, he married Kathleen ‘Kitty’ Wellman, the daughter of a film director. The couple was married for six years and had four children together.

After the divorce of his first wife, Franciscus married Carla Ankney. They had three daughters, Carla, Claire, and Elizabeth. They divorced in the late ’70s, but Franciscus retained custody of his children. They divided the parenting responsibilities. The oldest daughter stayed with her mother and the two younger girls with her father. After the divorce, Franciscus married Carla Ankney, and they stayed married until his death in 1991.

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