James Khuri Net Worth

James Khuri Net Worth

James Khuri has an impressive net worth and is a multi-millionaire. He is a successful businessman and owns the trading card company FJ Holdings. His personal life is somewhat quiet and quieter, but there are rumors that he is dating a new person. He started a lucrative real estate career in 2001 and owns several homes and medical buildings in New York and Los Angeles. During his youth, he picked up a passion for trading cards and turned it into a major distribution business. His company has become one of the world’s largest distributors of Pokemon cards and Hasbro & Mattel products, serving customers in more than 136 countries.

James Khuri is a multi-millionaire businessman

James Khuri is a multi-million dollar businessman from Los Angeles. He is the CEO of two companies. In 2019, he was arrested for domestic violence. The charge involves inflicting bodily injury on his wife or co-inhabitant. Khuri is married to Juliette Khuri and they have a son named Brendan. He was previously married to a woman named Christine, but now she is married to someone else.

Khuri is involved in the real estate industry. He also has an interest in trading cards. His company, FJ Holdings, is one of the largest distributors of these products. In addition, he partners with major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. His firm is currently fulfilling orders in 136 countries.

He owns trading card company FJ Holdings

FJ Holdings is a trading card category manager that distributes merchandise for the industry’s leading trading card manufacturers. It manages a variety of merchandise lines for brands like Wizards of the Coast and Topps. The company is a private company and is not publicly traded.

With more than 15 years in the business, Khuri has established himself as a leader in the trading card industry. He has forged strong working relationships with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to provide the best services for his clients. This helps FJ Holdings be a go-to source for trading cards.

James Khuri’s business ventures have diversified to include e-commerce and real estate. His success in real estate led him to develop a passion for collecting collectibles. His business acumen helped him turn his hobby into a lucrative business. Today, he is the principal trading card distributor for 136 countries.

His son Brendan Khuri is sentenced to nine months in prison for vehicular manslaughter

James Khuri’s son, Brendan, has been sentenced to nine months in a juvenile camp after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter. Brendan was cited for speeding by the Beverly Hills Police Department and his Lamborghini SUV was impounded. His father returned it to him two days later. He was later involved in a fatal crash in which Munoz was killed. Khuri and his son often posted pictures of themselves speeding around Los Angeles on social media. However, the crash happened three months after the postings.

James Khuri is a multi-millionaire businessman and his son, Brendan, was a reckless teenager who was caught on surveillance video driving an SUV at high speeds. James Khuri’s son had previously been diagnosed with autism, attention deficit disorder, and depression. The court ruled that Khuri’s parents’ decision to place Brendan in juvenile camp was questionable.

His lifestyle

One of the most fascinating aspects of James Khuri’s lifestyle is that he has a huge collection of luxury cars. He owns a 3,941 sq ft mansion on North Hillcrest Road. After graduating with an MBA from a top university, James Khuri started his own real estate company. He initially invested in office buildings in New York.

Khuri, who is a visionary entrepreneur, has a huge fan base on social media. He has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and a further 20k followers on Facebook. Despite his affluence, Khuri remains a humble man who loves his children and is a dedicated father. James Khuri’s net worth is impressive and his lifestyle is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit.

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