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Tom Welling and Jamie White Welling

Jamie White

Tom and Jamie White Welling are a married couple from Los Angeles. They were married in 2008 and later separated in 2012. Tom and Jamie moved to Los Angeles after the breakup. Tom and Jamie White have no children. They are separated because of irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized in November 2015.

Tom and Jamie met on Martha’s Vineyard in 2002. Jamie White was a model before meeting Welling. She kept a low profile after their marriage. The couple divorced in 2015. Jamie White is currently a model and actor. She dated actors Tom Willing and David Schwimmer and Tom and Sheila Ephron before their marriage.

Welling’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. He has a horse farm in Florida, a home in Massachusetts, and a fleet of vehicles. He earned most of his fortune on his “Smallville” role. He also appeared in “Draft Day” and “Cheaper by the Dozen”. He married Jessica Rose Lee, a native Californian who had studied at San Diego State University. She then started a career in the fashion industry.

Tom Welling

Actor and model Tom Welling and his wife, Jamie White, got married in 2002 on Martha’s Vineyard. The couple met in New York City and later moved to Vancouver to film Smallville. In March 2011, the couple moved back to Los Angeles. They have no children together. Tom Welling and Jamie White are currently separated.

Tom Welling began his career as a Hollywood gala before appearing on small-screen series Smallville and Warner Bros series Smallville. He was also featured in the film ‘A duzia é mas barato’, which he starred in alongside Bonnie Hunt. Tom Welling and Jamie White dated for a long time before they decided to wed in Martha’s Vineyard in 2002.

Jamie White-Welling’s relationship

Tom Welling and Jamie White are an ex-couple. Tom gained fame as the super hero Clark Kent in the television series Smallville. Later, the two co-starred in the Fox fantasy comedy-drama Lucifer. Both were born in 1968. Tom and Jamie’s relationship lasted 13 years.

They met in New York, where they first starred in a television comedy called “Professionals.” Their relationship lasted five years before they separated in 2012. The couple did not have any children, but they did get separated in December 2012. Jamie White-Welling’s relationship ended in divorce in December 2012, but there’s no reason to worry.

Jamie-White and Tom Welling dated for a year after June 1999. The couple later got engaged and married on 5 July 2002. They separated in Dec 2012, and divorced in November 2015. Their relationship was not strained and they remain friends.

Jamie White-Welling’s modeling career

Jamie White-Welling’s modeling career started in 1998, when she was discovered by a talent seeker. She signed with a modeling agency and modelled for Tommy Hilfiger and other high-fashion brands. Then, she branched out and began acting. Her first major role was in the 2001 movie Judge Amy, starring Amy Brenneman. She later appeared in TV shows such as Undeclared and Special Unit 2.

Jamie White-Welling has married the actor Tom Welling in 2002. They married in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. They later moved to Vancouver to film Smallville. The couple separated in December 2012. The couple has no children. However, White Welling is requesting spousal support from Tom Welling.

Jamie White-Welling’s divorce from Tom Welling

Jamie White-Welling and Tom Welling divorced in 2013 after 11 years of marriage. Although the couple attended many red carpet events together, Jamie filed for divorce. The couple has remained low-key since the split. The actor has also been in a relationship with another woman, Jessica Rose. Their first child was born in January 2013.

In the divorce, Tom Welling will pay spousal support to Jamie White for five years and will keep 20 percent of his net professional income. This will amount to a little over $5 million. The couple did not have children. Jamie White is entitled to spousal support, but it is not clear if the couple will have children in the future. Welling’s net professional income is high, as he has appeared in a number of movies.

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