Jane Campion Quickly Squanders Good Will From Sam Elliott …

Jane Campion Quickly Squanders Good Will From Sam Elliott

After reading a review of Jane Campion’s new film, I was left with a few questions. First, how could she quickly squander Sam Elliott’s goodwill? Campion’s answer should be shocking to no one. The actor, who is multiple award-winning and has starred in Shakespeare and Marvel films, has the chops to play a variety of roles.

jane campion squanders goodwill from sam elliott

Sam Elliott’s trash talk of Jane Campion’s latest film has a curious pattern. In the past few months, Campion has enjoyed a good run. She has been winning awards and making a splash with her latest film. But then Sam Elliott trashed it with his outrageous comment. And now the New Zealand-born director is apologizing for it.

Jane Campion is the daughter of the famous New Zealand theatre director Richard Campion and actress Edith Campion MBE. The actress is often compared to the Williams sisters, and she is a White woman from a prestigious family. She has no qualms comparing herself to the Williams sisters.

jane campion squanders goodwill in the Western genre

Sam Elliott has a lot of goodwill to lose with his critical response to Jane Campion’s Western film. She has been critical of Elliott’s work and questioned his right to subvert American myths. But why is he so quick to trash Campion’s take on the Western genre?

Elliott, who stars in a new series on Paramount+ about a post-Civil War family, has publicly criticized the film, “The Power of the Dog.” In an interview with Marc Maron on his “WTF” podcast, Elliott called the movie a “piece of s–.” However, the film has received 12 Oscar nominations, including Best Achievement in Directing, Best Original Screenplay and Best Motion Picture.

At the Directors Guild of America Awards in Beverly Hills, Campion was asked about Elliott’s comments about her film. She responded on Twitter. “Sam Elliott is a great actor but he’s also a terrible director,” said Campion.

The star is a multi-award winner whose credits include playing Shakespeare on stage and Sherlock Holmes in Marvel films. In contrast, Elliot was wrong about the history of homosexuality in the American West. The character wouldn’t have been born for another 20 years. However, Campion’s film may be as accurate about life in the American West as Elliot’s.

jane campion squanders goodwill in the film industry

Jane Campion has had a wild weekend, winning the BAFTA Award for Best Director and the Directors Guild Award for Best Picture. But her weekend has not been without controversy. Not only did she receive criticism for her movie “The Power of the Dog,” but she also defended her film and veered off topic during her acceptance speech at the Critics Choice Awards.

After a backlash over her remarks about Serena and Venus Williams during a recent Critics Choice Awards speech, Campion has apologized for her comments. The infamous quote went viral and was shared thousands of times. In addition, Campion was also nominated for Best Director for her second time.

In her acceptance speech for Best Director at the 2022 Critics Choice Awards, Campion called out Venus and Serena Williams, claiming that “the women don’t play against guys like she does.” Campion was the only woman in the category alongside “the guys,” including Steven Spielberg, Kenneth Branagh, and Denis Villeneuve.

Campion’s remarks were met with a chilling response on social media. Many pointed out that the sisters of Serena Williams had also competed against men, demonstrating that her remarks were uncalled for. Other women, such as Roxane Gay and Jodie Turner-Smith, voiced their objection to the remarks.

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