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How Janet Jackson Balances Part-Time Classes and a Demanding Performing Schedule

Janet Jackson is one of the most famous African-American female musicians. She is one of the few who has been successful in the entertainment industry and forged a name for herself. She is currently working on her next album under her own record label. She is one of the most successful singers of the 21st century and has established herself as a leader of Rhythm Nation.

juggling part-time classes

If you have ever wondered how the pop star manages to balance part-time classes and an incredibly busy performing schedule, you’re not alone. Most young artists have a difficult time balancing part-time classes and a demanding performing schedule. Janet Jackson is no exception. She released her debut self-titled album at age 16 and wanted to experience campus life as a teenager. At one point, she even thought about studying law at Pepperdine University. But she hasn’t spoken out about whether she’ll go back to school as an adult.

While many professional jugglers are focused on their own careers and focus on the tricks they perform, some are passionate about juggling as an art form. One instructor at the New Mexico State University talks about juggling on a much more personal level. While some students may think that juggling is all about the tricks, Nizer is an enthusiastic student who is interested in the art form as a whole.

juggling full-time fame

When her father, Michael Jackson, signed her for his Las Vegas residency and television variety show, she was only eight years old. At that time, she had no idea what she was doing. Her father pushed her to perform on stage and record an album. However, she wanted more, and sought an education. She also wanted a career outside of the entertainment business.

In addition to her full-time career, Jackson is a mother of a four-month-old boy named Eissa. The two were filmed together in a juggling competition that gave Nizer a prize of $1,000. Despite her international fame and success, Jackson says that her son is the priority in her life.

Although her fame ebbs and flows, the impact she has had on music is undeniable. A four-part Lifetime docuseries chronicling her life has been viewed by over 2.8 million people on live TV and 1.2 million people on digital versions. She has been nominated for an Oscar, too.

juggling part-time classes and full-time fame

Juggling part-time classes and full-time stardom can be difficult, but it wasn’t impossible for Janet Jackson. Her brother, Michael, was a pop sensation and the architect of modern R&B/pop music. But as the younger Jackson sister, Janet was still establishing her identity as a performer and an artist.

After releasing her self-titled debut album as a teen, Jackson planned to leave her family’s variety show and enroll in college. Her dream was to major in economics. As a youngster, Janet was shy and naive, and she wanted to have a more traditional school experience. She also wanted to study law at Pepperdine University. But as a young adult, she has never spoken about her decision to go back to school.

After she was married to her childhood sweetheart, she felt frustrated that she wasn’t in charge of her life. In order to take control of her destiny, Janet married James DeBarge in secret. The two were together in 1982 and later went on to star on Fame.

juggling part-time fame

When she was 16, Janet Jackson released her self-titled debut album. She was determined to become famous by the age of 18, but she also wanted to experience campus life. The shy and naive Jackson had dreams of studying law at Pepperdine University. She has not spoken publicly about going back to school as an adult.

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