Jarad Nava

Jarad Nava, Actor: Project Rebound

About two years ago, Jarad Nava was given a second chance at life. When he was only 17 years old, he was sentenced to 162 years in prison. This sentence was not unusual for juveniles in California, as the rate of incarceration is 30 per 100,000. At the time, Nava did not expect to return home. But after his sentence was commuted, he applied for parole. Today, he works in the state Senate and is involved in Project Rebound.

Juan Gamez

This romantic drama follows a teen poet named Juan, who falls in love with a girl next door. But he is too scared to tell her, so he calls her from inside a jail cell. Ultimately, the story is more about love than criminality. It combines actual footage from Juan’s experience, as well as scenes from his class and his fictional film.

Despite the fact that Juan Gamez, Jarad Nava, and Antonio Nava were convicted of murder, the film portrays the characters as likable kids who have fallen in love with a criminal. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that they each had their own personal issues, despite the fact that they were brought up in the same environment. Juan and Antonio are incredibly sensitive, but they both fear love without remorse.

The film also explores the rights of victims and the redemptive benefits of rehabilitation for juvenile offenders. It is based on the real-life experiences of Juan Gamez, Jarad Nava, and Antonio Hernandez, three former gang members who were incarcerated for murder or attempted murder at a young age. They were sentenced to a maximum of 162 years in prison, but their lives have changed.

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