Jare Ijalana

Jare Ijalana

Jare Ijalana is the younger of two sisters, Jomi and Joba. They are seven and 10 years old respectively. They have been together for five years and have a close bond. Jare loves to read, write, and play games. She is also interested in fashion and acting.

Jomi, 7, and Joba, 10

Jare Ijalana and her sisters, Jomi and Joba, have been hailed as one of the most beautiful girls in the world. The three siblings, who are also known as the J3 Sisters, have been photographed by famous photographer Bamuyiwa. The images were later published in Paris Vogue.

The photographs of Jare Ijalana, five, became viral after the photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa shared them on social media. Her photos have received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Some people have expressed their disapproval at the idea of making a young girl wear makeup. But Mofe Bamuyiwa has said that he had only good intentions when he posted the photos. Jare was described as “absolutely stunning” in the photos.

Omowunmi Ijalana

Jare Ijalana is an award-winning model from Nigeria. She was born into a family of five. She has two sisters, Joba (13 years old) and Jomiloju (ten years old). Jare’s parents are Omowunmi and Adeola Ijalana. Omowunmi used to work in the PR industry before moving to the banking industry. She now works as a children’s manager.

Jare was born on January 1, 2014, in Lagos. She has piercing eyes, a flawless complexion, and bomb hair. Photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa has posted several photos of the five-year-old on social media. In one of them, Jare is depicted as an angel while in another, she’s an interception between childhood and adulthood. Her sisters are also models.

Her parents

Jare Ijalana is five years old, but she has become an internet sensation due to her stunning beauty. Last week, Nigerian photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa posted three portraits of the little girl. The pictures, which feature her beautiful piercing eyes, gorgeous skin, and gorgeous hair, have received nearly 50k likes and thousands of comments. While the photo shoot was not the only thing that captured the public’s attention, the portraits of her family have captured the hearts of the people who are following Jare’s journey.

Jare Ijalana’s parents are very supportive of their daughter’s modeling career. Her mother, Omowunmi, was a PR professional before she went into the banking sector. She also has two sisters, Joba and Jomiloju.

Her modeling career

Jare Ijalana’s modeling journey started with her mother’s input. She was introduced to her mother, Mofe Bamuwiya, owner of BMB studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Upon seeing Jare’s photos, Mofe shared them on Instagram and they instantly received thousands of likes and comments. As a result, hundreds of people followed Jare’s mother’s Instagram account.

Though Jare Ijalana is an average looking five-year-old from Nigeria, she has the appearance of a beautiful doll. Her pierced eyes and her hair are irresistible. She is now doing modelling campaigns for various companies. She is now gaining worldwide recognition.

Jare was born into a modest Nigerian family. Her parents are very supportive of her modeling career and her siblings have also been supportive of her dream. Her sisters are also beautiful and have innocent looks. Jare has a positive mindset which she uses to overcome challenges and succeed. Her success has helped promote her country internationally.

Her family’s support

Jare Ijalana’s family comes from humble roots in Nigeria. Her mother is a photographer who owns a wedding studio in Lagos. When Jare’s first solo photo went viral on the Internet, her mother, who is the director of the studio, shared it with her followers on Instagram. The post quickly received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Soon, 5,000 people followed her mother’s account.

Jare’s plight began with an incredible photoshoot in 2018. In that photoshoot, she was just four years old. That same year, Yahoo Lifestyle named her one of the world’s most beautiful girls. Since then, Jare has gone from being a child model to walking the runway at London Fashion Week.

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