Jasmin Montalvo

Jasmine Montalvo

Jasmine Montalvo was a 20 year old woman from Aurora, Colorado. She was related to Desiree Juanita Montalvo and Pierre Montalvo. She was killed on July 22, 2010 and her body was found at the foot of a mountain. The cause of death is currently unknown, but there is speculation that she died of a drug overdose.

Jasmine Marie Montalvo age 20s in Aurora, CO

Jasmine Marie Montalvo was born in Aurora, Colorado in the early 1990s. She has lived in various locations in the state, including Fort Collins and Eaton. She is related to Pierre Montalvo and Desiree Juanita Montalvo.

Jasmine Montalvo age 20s in Greeley, CO

Jasmine Montalvo was born in Greeley, CO and has lived in several other cities. She has also lived in Fort Collins and Eaton, CO. She is related to Pierre Montalvo and Desiree Juanita Montalvo. It is unknown where she is living now. She has not been seen in the media for the past few years. Her parents and siblings are not known.

Jasmine Montalvo age 20s in Aurora, CO

Jasmine Montalvo is a 20-year-old beauty from Aurora, CO who escaped domestic abuse as a child. Despite her young age, she was able to secure a college degree and become a nurse, which she plans to pursue in the future.

In the fall of 2010, Montalvo was inducted into the Colorado State Wrestling Hall of Fame. She is one of a few young women to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. A Colorado native, Montalvo is the daughter of an attorney and a former high school cheerleader. She graduated from Aurora High School and currently attends University of Colorado in Boulder.

Montalvo is surrounded by a group of friends. Some of them are fellow wrestlers from Aurora. Some of them are Skylar Little Soldier, Riley Myers, and Grace Alagbo. Others are Jacob Marshall and Dillon Ivie.

Other Aurora-area high school students who are in the Hall of Fame are Cayaen Smith and Mahkyi Smith, both juniors at Lone Peak High School. She is also joined by teammates like Alyssa Randles and Kort Wilkinson. She is also a collegiate wrestler.

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