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Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Sanders Are Still Together After 90 Days With Their Fiance

Jasmine and Gino are two of the most intriguing couples on the 90 Day Fiance show, but it’s hard to decide whether they should be together or not. The couple’s romance has been a major point of controversy, and it has been a dramatic, emotional journey. However, the story has been less captivating than some of the other couples’ stories. The couple’s fights over exes, suspicions of infidelity, and a failed engagement have all made for some controversial moments.

Gino Palazzolo

Gino Palazzolo is an automotive engineer who works for the car company Faurecia in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The couple met during their time at Ford, where Gino was working as an engineering program manager. Afterwards, he lost his job and started saving for Jasmine’s wedding. While Gino had to take some time off work, he was able to buy her $500 worth of clothes while she was looking for work.

Despite the drama in their relationship, Gino and Jasmine have been sharing signs that they are dating after 90 Day Fiance. The couple will likely get engaged after the show’s 90-day time frame.

Jasmine Pineda

The 90 Day Fiance star is raising eyebrows among fans, after she posted an image on Instagram that shocked many of her followers. Many fans are wondering whether she is actually healthy and is dealing with any issues. It is not the first time that the show’s cast member has shared a medical update. She previously shared that she had to undergo eye surgery, but she is now on the mend.

Jasmine Pineda has also been open about her transformation, as one of the most outspoken celebs on the show. She is not shy about sharing her before-and-after pictures on social media. She admits that her former look wasn’t the most attractive, but she was happy with her new look.

Gino’s exes

While he claims he has no qualms about dating his ex-wife, Jasmine’s exes are upset he’s talking about them. The two were married for only two years and have two sons. However, Jasmine used to hide her sons’ faces when posting pictures of them and claimed she wasn’t allowed to. She has since admitted she’s been “psychotic” and had trust issues with previous relationships.

The two are now living in separate cities. Jasmine is in California, while Gino lives in New York. They started dating when she was 19 and he was 22. They were a perfect match, but Gino’s ex-girlfriend urged them to split. Gino didn’t take Jasmine’s jealousy seriously and ended up texting her former girlfriend behind her back, sending her topless pictures. The two split soon after.

Jasmine’s transformation

After 90 days with her fiance, Jasmine Sanders has revealed a dramatic transformation. She shared a throwback photo of herself and fans noticed the drastic change. In the picture, she was wearing a pink crop top and had bleached blonde hair. Since then, Jasmine has undergone various enhancements including breast enhancement and lip fillers. She also looks more toned and has glowing skin.

Jasmine admitted in an Instagram post that her first marriage was not a positive experience. She had lost her confidence and had trouble trusting her fiance. During that time, she only weighed 100 pounds. After ninety days with her fiance, she started feeling more confident and at ease. Her former insecurity and lack of trust stemmed from her awful first marriage.

Gino’s lack of engagement

One of the biggest questions that are being asked in 90 Day Fiance right now is whether Gino and Jasmine are still together after 90 days of dating. They appeared to be a happy couple and were even engaged. However, there were rumors that Gino was hitting on Jessica, which he denied. Read on to find out the truth. This 90 Day Fiance spoiler will reveal whether the couple is still together or have split up.

Despite Gino’s repeated denials, the reality show has been able to show that there are still red flags. The ring was not the only piece of evidence, as some of the screenshots showed Jasmine taking off her ring before Gino was able to propose. It’s possible that this incident was the catalyst for Gino to pull out of the relationship. In the meantime, Jasmine continues to win over the 90 Day Fiance audience with her non-materialistic approach and lack of engagement.

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