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Jasmine Cephas Jones on Instagram

Jasmine Cephas Jones is one of the most popular stars on Instagram. She has over a million followers and posts daily. Her recent posts include her engagement announcement and recent birthday. She also has a moderate comment count of 106. She has been active on Instagram since 2016, and her followers are increasing by the day.

Deleted engagement announcement

Anthony Ramos and Jasmine Cephas Jones have decided to call off their engagement and separate. The news was confirmed on Tuesday by E! News. The couple, who were engaged since November, had been the talk of the social media world. They met during rehearsals for the Broadway show Hamilton. After a video surfaced on TikTok, the couple’s relationship began to trend on Twitter.

The couple met on the set of the Broadway musical Hamilton, where they performed in a double role. The two have been dating since 2014, and their relationship has become an internet sensation. Their relationship reportedly became viral after a TikTok user posted an anonymous video of Ramos at a strip club with another woman. The dancer recognized the actor and revealed an article about the engagement on the social media website.

Deleted recent birthday post

Recently, Jasmine Cephas Jones deleted a birthday post she posted on Instagram in honor of her boyfriend Anthony Ramos. The couple began dating in 2015, when they met on the set of Hamilton. After two years of dating, they got engaged on Christmas Eve, 2018. Although they have not shared any photos together since the engagement, they continue to be close and were seen together at premieres of their respective shows.

While the rumors of the couple’s breakup have not been confirmed, the timing does confirm the breakup rumors. The couple was last seen on a red carpet in June 2021, making the breakup rumors more plausible. However, there’s no official word yet on the reason why they broke up, and it’s still unclear if the couple will reconcile in the future.

Net worth

Jasmine Cephas Jones has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2013 and has appeared in a number of popular films and television shows. Jasmine is currently unmarried and is working on making it big in the American television and film industry.

Jasmine Cephas Jones has a long and varied career in film and television. In addition to her role as Tyisha on Hamilton, she’s also appeared in other films and television series. Her recent projects include the movies #Freerayshawn and Mrs. Fletcher, which she starred in as Chloe. In addition to acting, Jasmine Cephas Jones has appeared in three music videos.

Jasmine Cephas Jones is a British-American actress, singer, and social media influencer. She was born on 21 July 1989 and is thirty years old. She began singing at a very young age. She is a Christian.


Jasmine Cephas Jones is a popular Instagram star who recently deleted a post dedicated to her boyfriend, Anthony Ramos. The post was posted to Ramos’ birthday on November 1. It was also an engagement announcement, but the post has since been deleted. However, Ramos’ posts and videos on Jones’s Instagram account remain. In addition to deleting her post, Jones also re-posted a clip of herself singing “Barbra Streisand” in a piano bar.

Jasmine Cephas Jones is an American actress, singer, and producer. She is best known for her dual roles in the Broadway musical Hamilton. She reprised her role in the movie adaptation as well. She also contributed to the soundtrack, which won her a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

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