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Jasmine Roth – American TV Personality and Entrepreneur

Jasmine Roth is a popular television personality. She is a creator of the show Built Custom Homes and is married to long-time boyfriend Brett Roth. She is originally from Virginia. The couple has a daughter named Hazel Lynn. Before embarking on her career as a home builder, Jasmine worked as a fitness instructor in Virginia. Later, she was employed as an account executive at Profit Recovery Partners.

Jasmine Roth is a well-known television personality

Jasmine Roth is a popular television personality who is also a successful entrepreneur. She has become popular thanks to her hit HGTV show “Hidden Potential.” She is an expert home builder who specializes in turning ordinary spaces into custom dream homes. Roth has built numerous homes and gained the admiration of her fans.

Jasmine Roth was born in 1984. She is currently 37 years old and is married to Brett Roth. They have one daughter, Hazel Lynn. Jasmine Roth began her career as a fitness instructor before pursuing a career in the real estate industry. She later worked as an account executive at a Boston real estate company.

She is the creator of Built Custom Homes

Jasmine Roth, the creator of the home renovation show Built Custom Homes, has a very unique design style. She uses reclaimed wood and paint to give her homes fresh curb appeal. She also incorporates home decor and art into functional storage. Roth once went against the builder’s suggestion to frost a glass window in a second-floor bathroom, installing shutters instead.

Roth started her business building homes by accident. She grew up in a rural area of Virginia and learned the skills of carpentry from her father. When she was young, she and her father built treehouses, playhouses, furniture, and sheds. She has a strong passion for helping people improve their living conditions.

She is married to long-term boyfriend Brett Roth

Jasmine Roth is married to her long-time boyfriend, Brett Roth. Brett is an American businessman and runs a staffing firm. He and Jasmine met when they were both at Northeastern University. They were roommates at the time, but stayed friends throughout the semester. Eventually, they admitted they were in love and began dating. They married in September 2013 in Park City, Utah, and are now a married couple. The couple has one child, a daughter.

Jasmine and Brett first met when they were both in college, but they dated different people. They eventually got married in 2013 and split their time between Utah and California. Brett and Jasmine have one daughter, Hazel. Jasmine recently announced her pregnancy on Instagram.

She was born in Virginia

Jasmine Roth was born in Virginia in 1988 and has been a real estate agent and developer in Boston, Massachusetts since 2008. She started her career as a health specialist at a Curves Fitness center in Virginia. In 2008, she switched gears and became a realtor with Metro Realty in Boston. She later became a record leader at revenue-driven recovery partner. She also holds several other callings, including account manager, deals specialist, and interim vice president of community outreach and employee activities at PIMCO.

Jasmine Roth is 37 years old and belongs to the White ethnicity. She attended private school in Virginia and majored in business at Northeastern University. After college, she married her longtime sweetheart Brett Roth. The two met in college and were soon dating. Their wedding took place in Park City, Utah. They have a daughter together, Hazel Lynn Roth. The child weighed seven pounds and three ounces.

She has an estimated net worth of $900,000

Jasmine Roth is an American TV personality and entrepreneur who has built a successful boutique development company. Before she started her career, she was a fitness teacher in rural Virginia and worked in real estate. Eventually, she decided to pursue her love of designing and building houses, and started her own business, Built Custom Homes, LLC.

Jasmine Roth has been building and remodeling houses for 11 years, and she’s sold some of her homes for a higher price. While growing up in rural Virginia, she spent a large part of her time working in the family garage. She also built playhouses, furniture, and sheds. During college, she worked as a real estate agent in Boston.

She has a passion for building

Jasmine Roth has a passion for architecture and design. She has spent much of her life sculpting and building. As a child, she built tree houses for her neighbors and shed furniture with her dad. As an adult, she has become a designer with a passion for design and architecture. While working in a corporate office, Roth has volunteered her time and talent in the field of housing. In 2016, she traveled to India to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. She has always been a fan of transforming houses and is committed to helping others.

Roth’s social media strategy has worked well for her business. She uses Instagram to connect with women homebuilders and investors. As a result, fans and clients have flocked to her brand. Her Instagram storytelling has even caught the attention of HGTV.

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