Jason Gutterman Net Worth

Jason Gutterman Net Worth

Jason Gutterman is an award-winning photographer known for capturing beautiful moments. His photographs have been featured in newspapers and magazines across the world. With a strong dedication to his craft and striving to capture the perfect shot, his videos on YouTube receive millions of views while his Patreon page brings in significant income. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and family.

Jason gutterman net worth is a well-known photojournalist and First Amendment auditor who gained prominence through his YouTube channel Amagansett Press, established on 13 Jan 2009. Since its creation, several videos uploaded have gone viral; “Tyrant Cop Gets in My Face,” garnering over 90.000 views, is just one such video. Another one, “UPS Customer Center,” depicts a police officer violating first amendment rights while violating his first amendment rights can also be found there.

Gutterman enjoys an enormous online following on YouTube and makes significant money through ads and sponsorships, while earning considerable amounts through writing for several websites and contributing as an editor to several more. He is an exemplary husband and father who puts their family first while being passionate traveler who relishes long drives together with them.

Recently, Gutterman has become a controversial YouTube celebrity. His most recent video depicts an officer arresting him for filming in the lobby of an apartment building; according to police claims he violated state statute. Gutterman disputes this assertion and refuses to follow instructions given by police officer; eventually the supervisor calls and has Gutterman handcuffed.

Gutterman, an American citizen with an impressive social media following. His YouTube channel Amagansett Press boasts over 304,000 subscribers and is known for conducting First Amendment audits. Furthermore, he writes articles for multiple websites as well as hosting his own Patreon account where monthly payments totaling $161 are sent directly into his bank account.

Gutterman also pursues freelance photojournalism as part of his online ventures and is well known as an honest journalist renowned for covering high-profile projects like the 2008 presidential campaign and 2012 Olympics. In addition, his passion is photography which can be found through his online endeavors.

He enjoys amassing an extensive social media following and regularly shares pictures from his life with his family on social media platforms like Instagram. Furthermore, he’s an accomplished writer with an interest in travel; an incredible husband and father to Dulce Maria Gutterman as his wife who serves as his number one supporter; together, they share two children.

Couple has been married for over 20 years, and are very close. They share an unbreakable bond that helps each other through tough times, as well as enjoy spending time together and participating in favorite activities, like going for long walks or vacationing together. Together they continue to make each other proud while facing many difficult situations – yet have always come out triumphant.

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