Jennifer On Mama June From Not To

Jennifer Thomson, Actress: Mama June From Not to Hot

Jennifer Lamb Thomson is married to Mike Thompson and stepmother to Alana Thompson. She co-stars on the TV shows Mama June: From Not To Hot and Family Crisis. She resides in Georgia. She has three grown children from a previous marriage. The series also featured her massive weight loss.

Getting a DNA test

On “Mama June From Not To Hot,” a new stepmom is getting a DNA test for her new daughter. She is concerned that the man she married may not be the real father of her daughter. When she tells her sister-in-law Janice that she is concerned about the paternity of her baby, the new stepmom is forced to defend herself.

Mama June is a drug addict who tries to hide her addiction by selling old Nikes. She was in the midst of a drug addiction when she posted a Facebook post where she was selling her old Nikes for $70. Her friends and relatives condemned her parenting and told her to seek help. After seeing the Facebook post, Janice grew friends with a woman who was an unlikely ally. She then pushed for her ex-husband and sugar-bearer to get full custody of Alana.

While the women are working on getting back together, Mama faces an unexpected setback when she hires a new coaching coach and falls pregnant. Meanwhile, Josh and Pumpkin are left with no choice but to move to a new town and take Alana back with them. The girls have a difficult time with the new school, while June tries to keep them apart. While Josh and Pumpkin are upset about the move, Alana confronts Mama for the first time in a year. Finally, the family comes together for a heartbreaking reunion. As a last resort, Dr. Ish helps the family reunite.

A DNA test will confirm the paternity of the two girls. The results of the test are shocking and will likely confirm the claims made by fans of the show. The show’s plot is rife with intrigue and suspense. The truth is out there and only time will tell.

Getting a court date

While a judge may delay a judge’s decision, a court date isn’t an automatic dismissal. There are a number of reasons why this may happen, and in the latest episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, June failed to appear in court. It’s unclear how this will affect the rest of the season, but a hidden camera shows that she was caught selling her children’s belongings. On the episode, the judge rescheduled the hearing and ordered June to appear in court.

A court date may be a stressful time for all involved, but it isn’t impossible. On the show, the family is trying to get back on their feet, including Mama June. She and Josh have temporarily gained custody of Ella, but Jennifer is still demanding full custody.

When a woman organizing the pageant went to June’s home, she assumed that June and Geno had moved out of the area. She wanted to know if Mama June had regained her weight. Meanwhile, Josh and Jennifer noticed the same gray SUV outside June’s apartment. While they weren’t exactly in a good mood, the woman was angry and frustrated.

After a breakup, Mama June Shannon and her ex, Jennifer Lamb, reunited. While they had a heated, but tense conversation with each other, the couple also met separately with Judge Lynn Toler to discuss their child’s custody.

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