Jermel Nakia

Jermel Nakia

Jermel Nakia is an actor who starred in the hit television show This Is Us as Young William Hill. He is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and started acting in third grade. He went on to study at Lee’s Summit High School in Kansas City and later moved to Los Angeles.

he played a group of villagers from a fictional African country

Jermel Nakia is a versatile actor who has performed on television, stage, and in films. In the new film, “Sangala,” Nakia played a group of villagers living in an African country that has fallen victim to a biological weapon attack. He was one of five actors to play the role.

he has appeared in a handful of films

Jermel Nakia is an actor who has appeared in a number of US television shows and films. He is also an accomplished stage actor. His recent credits include The Sacred Broccoli Uprising, After the Wizard, and This Is Us. He was born in Kansas City and has been based in Los Angeles since 1994.

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