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Michael Cera’s Jersey Shore “Blow-Out” Is No Longer a Secret

The “Blow-Out” that Michael Cera gave himself for his Jersey Shore cameo is no longer a secret. Read on to learn more about Cera’s recent transformation. If you’re a fan of the show, you might be curious about Cera’s new ‘do.

Michael Cera’s “blow-out”

It’s no secret that Michael Cera lost fans on the Jersey Shore after a “blow-out” on the set. The actor is not exactly known for taking on dangerous roles, but he became a cult favorite after playing George-Michael Bluth on the hit show “Arrested Development.” His role on the show made him an instant star and landed him on Entertainment Weekly’s “30 Under 30” list. But while it was a brief stint on the show, Cera has remained in geekdom for the past half decade.

His cameo on Jersey Shore

After spending a day of fun, laughter, and pizza with Snooki and Sammi, Cera put his new look and charm to good use. He even learned how to be a true guido. He also enjoyed the show’s intoxicating drinks. Pauly D and Vinny also gave him a dancing masterclass. And after his day of fun, Cera topped off his visit with a hot tub soak.

Michael Cera’s appearance on Jersey Shore was a brief one. Fans of the popular teen show were thrilled to see the actor make an appearance. The cameo was short and sweet, but it showed the actor’s versatility. He has starred in a wide variety of films and roles, many of which are socially inappropriate. His stint on Jersey Shore was the first time he had appeared in a show based on his own personal life.

While Cera’s cameo is a fun addition to the cast, some fans may be confused about how he became part of the show’s celebrity club. The actor, who has a background in lo-fi indie films, doesn’t seem like the type of guy that should be involved with the Jersey Shore gang. Nonetheless, Cera was in the show’s presence, chatting with cast members in downtown New York City and filming a promo for his forthcoming movie, Youth In Revolt.

Though Michael Cera’s cameo on Jersey is brief, his comedic ability shines through. His character, Francois Dillinger, is a Jean-Paul Belmondo-inspired lothario, sporting aviator sunglasses, a thin Lester-Molester mustache, and a very tight pair of pants. Unlike other comedic roles on the show, Cera isn’t just reaching for a laugh – he finds it in the truth itself. Moreover, his relationship with the truth is playful.

His hairstyle

A cameo appearance from Michael Cera on the hit MTV reality show Jersey Shore has people talking. The former Arrested Development star is promoting his new movie Youth In Revolt. In a recent photo, he poses with cast member Pauly D. Interestingly, Cera and D have similar hairstyles.

Cera’s haircut is perfect for guys with wavy, thick hair. It does not look too shaggy or too short, and works well with a square or oblong face. This style is also versatile. It goes well with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers.

While Cera is known for starring in indie films and lo-fi shows like Arrested Development, his hairstyle is probably not a big draw for the Jersey Shore crowd. However, the actor has been spotted with cast members such as Snooki, Pauly D, and DJPD. Although Cera has not appeared in any of Snooki’s mash-up videos, he has made two more.

Despite being a shy actor, Cera spent time with the Jersey Shore cast. The cast was thrilled to have him, and he was even invited to the Jersey Shore Reunion in 2010! The cast even gave him an Ed Hardy T-shirt, which was quite unusual for Cera. He was even welcomed by Vinny and the gang.

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