Jesseca Dupart Net Worth 2021

Jesseca Dupart Net Worth 2021

Jesseca Dupart is an American entrepreneur, beauty mogul, author, mentor, and philanthropist. As founder of Kaleidoscope Hair Products she has amassed considerable wealth within the beauty industry and expanded into real estate investments and public speaking as a testament to her hard work and perseverance. Dupart’s success can be credited solely to her hard work and determination – her hard work paid off with immense rewards!

Jesseca, an accomplished woman with an impressive net worth of $5 Million. She amassed her fortune through her million-dollar company which generates annual sales exceeding $12 Million. Additionally, Jesseca boasts a successful real estate career and founded Kaleidoscope Realty agency under which she currently practices real estate. Jesseca attributes her success to hard work, persistence and creativity which contributed to its development.

Born February 12th 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana USA, Jesseca grew up as part of an expansive family. She shared life with two brothers and one sister; parents Evelyn Dupart and Jesse Anthony Dupart were both instrumental figures. Jesseca attended Warren Easton Charter High School where she learned cosmetology.

Young girl she worked at RoJes Barber Shop and RoJes Beauty Salon to gain experience in cosmetology services for clients, and later was hired at a local hair salon where she managed the front desk as well as provided cosmetology services on clients.

Self-made millionaire Ashley Graham is an active social media user and shares her glamorous lifestyle with fans and followers on her Instagram account. With 2.2 million followers, she frequently promotes products through this platform as well as showing off expensive fashion accessories in her photos.

Though she prefers not to discuss her personal life much, she has been linked with rapper Shawntae Harris (commonly known as Da Brat). They began dating in 2020 and are reportedly engaged now.

She is also an active philanthropist who actively fights breast cancer; donating a substantial sum to the Bardell Foundation which funds research on this condition. As an inspiration for many women she has gained national and international acclaim. She holds strong faith in God and counts herself fortunate for having achieved such great heights of success at such a young age. Now focused on new ventures, she looks forward to an even brighter future. Jesseca strives to assist others on their journey towards living happier and healthier lives, encouraging her followers to pursue their passions and lead fulfilling lives. She strongly believes that having purpose is key for reaching any goal in life. She is passionate about her work and has an impressive vision for her company, which she plans to expand further in the near future. Additionally, she’s proud of being a mother to three kids and hopes to expand it soon enough. She continues to serve as an example and inspire others through her success story.

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