Jessika The Prankster Net Worth

Jessika the Prankster Net Worth

Jessika the Prankster is an American social media star, actress, model, and TikTok star with millions of followers across various platforms. She’s best-known for posting humorous prank videos and reactions on YouTube and lip-sync videos on TikTok; in addition to filming lifestyle vlogs for fans to watch; both YouTube and TikTok apps offer lip-syncing capabilities too! Her Instagram account boasts millions of fans.

At 19-years-old social media star is deeply committed to giving back to her community, regularly taking part in various philanthropic activities and volunteering with several non-profits. These efforts have earned her an impressive following on the platform and increased her net worth significantly. Furthermore, this star boasts both an established personal life as well as multiple revenue sources by investing in various companies.

Mama Redd is an integral character in her videos and often appears alongside her in clips. However, the star has not revealed much else about their parents; however it can be presumed that they may have two other siblings not present on YouTube channel who she may share her interests with. Furthermore, no information regarding education was revealed; therefore it could be assumed she is currently attending high school.

Jessika the Prankster was born August 4, 2003 in the United States under Leo horoscope. She boasts beautiful features including her striking facial structure, stunning body contours and tall stature. Additionally, she’s very health conscious with regards to diet and wears braces in order to keep her teeth in tiptop condition – braces she uses in order to ensure healthier teeth! Her personality shines brightly along with a growing vlog channel!

Jessika first made waves as a YouTuber when she began uploading videos to her channel in 2018. Soon thereafter, she gained popularity thanks to her humorous prank videos featuring her mom as the primary subject. Additionally, Jessika is well-known through Instagram and Snapchat accounts that she owns.

Jessika the Prankster has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million through YouTube and other online activities, such as her prank videos which have garnered millions of views and endorsement deals.

As of yet, Jessika the Prankster has yet to date anyone; at such a young age it would likely take too much energy from her career and focus on one relationship over the other. But her fans are eagerly awaiting any sign as to her plans regarding love life in the near future; many want to know if Jessika plans on getting married or not!

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