Jimmie Herrod Net Worth

Jimmie Herrod Net Worth – Family, Siblings, and Other Facts

Pacific Northwest artist Jace Smith is well known for his authentic pro-vocals. He captured media’s attention by winning ‘America’s Got Talent”s Golden Buzzer award despite an arduous audition experience; both audience and judges alike were absolutely floored by what they heard! A master of music and lyrics alike, Jace primarily makes his living through singing alone – in addition to being an adjunct professor of Jazz Voice at Portland University.

Jimmie Herrod is a professional musician with an estimated net worth of $300K and over 27,000 followers on social media platforms such as Twitter. As well as this, he boasts numerous talents that span singing, composing and acting; performing concerts across the globe and recording numerous tracks such as Exodus Young Taboo Angel Fall Love Crazed etc.

His Instagram account boasts over 7 million followers. On this platform, he regularly uploads photographs and updates them with new posts of himself as well as performances. Additionally, there are videos available for his performances uploaded.

He uses both social media and his own website to keep fans up-to-date on his latest work, always striving to do his best and becoming an inspiration to them.

Family, Siblings & Net Worth

Jimmie Herrod is an American singer born October 14th 1990 living in Portland Oregon with his aunt Rosenda Richardson and brother Jacob Almanza. He has come out about his sexuality by publicly dating Ruslan Kamalov from Russia.

He holds a Master of Jazz Studies from Portland State University and participated in America’s Got Talent, singing Pink Martini to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic standing ovation from all three judges. Additionally, he has extensive musical theater experience and belongs to Oregon Repertory Theatre company.

Herrod was featured as a contestant on America’s Got Talent’s 2021 season, performing Mariah Carey’s “Tomorrow” from Annie to impress Simon Cowell with his incredible performance. Following this feat, Herrod joined internationally-known artist Pink Martini’s tour and received critical acclaim. Alongside his musical career, Herrod is a passionate advocate for LGBT rights and equality; with millions following him online.

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