Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth

Jimmy Swaggart Net Worth

The net worth of Jimmy Swaggart is estimated to be $10 million dollars. He is a televangelist and gospel singer and is the owner of the SonLife Broadcasting Network. He also owns a family worship center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Swaggart is married to Frances Anderson. They met while performing music together.

Jimmy Swaggart is a Pentecostal televangelist

Jimmy Swaggart is a Pente costal televangelist who has been broadcasting on television since 1975. His TV ministry has a worldwide audience and airs on 78 channels in 104 countries. His messages are based on the cross and the fact that we can only have eternal life through Jesus. His programs are also distributed over the Internet.

Swaggart was born on March 15, 1935, in Ferriday, Louisiana. His father was a Pentecostal preacher and he was raised in the church. As a youngster, he helped with his father’s ministry and later became a full-time evangelist. In 1961, he became an ordained minister by the Assemblies of God.

He has a radio ministry

Jimmy Swaggart has a radio ministry that reaches millions of people every week. He started out as an itinerant preacher, but soon discovered he had a gift for music. His first album sold well, and he was encouraged to start his own record label. He continued making records, some of which became bestselling. After the success of his first album, he decided to take his ministry to the next level.

Swaggart’s passion for spreading the gospel has made him a very successful televangelist. He has reached people around the world with his telecasts, music, radio programs, and Christian literature. He has become one of the most influential televangelists of our time.

He is a self-made man

Swaggart began preaching and broadcasting his gospel message across rural Louisiana in the 1950s. He lived off $30 a week, the equivalent of $290 today. His family lived in church basements, pastors’ homes and small motels. Sun Records producer Sam Phillips was looking for a gospel artiste to add to his roster.

However, Swaggart is struggling to keep his media ministry solvent and ahead of creditors. This has prompted him to aggressively recruit people from existing churches and organizations. In the meantime, his “message of the cross” has become a law unto itself.

Swaggart believes he was given his talent by God. He said he promised the Lord not to use his musical talent for worldly purposes. He also believes he was given the ability to play the piano by the Lord. It’s hard to imagine that he had to learn the piano in order to succeed in his career.

He has a private life

Gospel singer Jimmy Swaggart has a private life, and he is not as public as the media may think. He is the son of a sharecropper and a minister who was defrocked by the Assemblies of God in 1988. Swaggart grew up in the church and was inspired by his cousins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley. He began his evangelistic ministry in the 1950s, and in 1961 he was ordained by the Assemblies of God.

The Swaggart family owns a two-story high-columned parsonage on 20 acres of landscaped land. His home features polished parquet floors, an Oriental carpet in the living room, and a step-up Jacuzzi in his master bathroom. His wife drives a late-model Lincoln Town Car, and he has a private Gulfstream jet, which once belonged to the Rockefellers. In addition, the Swaggarts have accepted gifts from fans.

He is worth $67 million

Jimmy Swaggart is a Christian musician and a multi-platinum record producer. He began as a full-time evangelist in 1955 and was ordained by the Assemblies of God. He has a successful radio ministry and founded the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He married Frances Anderson in 1952 and their son Donnie was born in 1954. In the late 1960s, Swaggart started broadcasting his gospel music on television and radio stations and had a 30-minute television show. Swaggart has also founded Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, where he teaches Bible studies and other Christian topics.

Swaggart is 84 years old and lives in Louisiana. He has three children and ten grandchildren. His sons, Donnie and Gabriel, are also preachers. He started out living in poverty before rising to fame as an evangelist. The Swaggart television ministry and his preaching career have brought in millions of dollars for Jimmy and his family. In 1987, the Swaggart ministry had revenues of $150 million, of which $135 million came from individual contributions.

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