Joe Santagato Net Worth

Joe Santagato Net Worth

Joe Santagato is an American YouTuber, vlogger and podcaster best known for his comedic videos on YouTube and Elite Daily. Before Vine was shut down he also enjoyed success there; amassing both silver and gold play buttons from YouTube as well as selling merchandise on his website; his net worth continues to increase over time while income grows steadily as well.

Joe Santagato currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million. As an established YouTuber and comedian with wide audience appeal, he has amassed millions in earnings through both video views and other sources, such as Elite Daily or working for various websites or television shows like his YouTube show which even saw collaboration between celebrities such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for collaboration on his video content and collaborations with Joe’s YouTube show – not forgetting his vast following on both YouTube and comedy circuit alike!

Since 2010, he has been posting videos online about his experiences and other subjects that resonate with viewers. Since then, he has become a widely followed YouTuber, garnering millions of subscribers and garnering opportunities to endorse products via his channels. Furthermore, his popular podcast The Basement Yard reached #1 on iTunes; additionally he won several awards and nominations for his work.

He resides in New York City with Sammy Ricky, whom he keeps his personal life private from public view and have not spoken about their status or plans for marriage in the future. He has three siblings from both sides of his mother’s heritage (Irish on one side and Italian on the other); his mother worked as a school secretary while his father is a retired fireman.

Joe Santagato runs various websites where he sells merchandise. These include Edit That Out logo and Basement Yard designs on T-shirts for sale as well as long sleeve and hoodie products, long sleeve tees, as well as stickers, hats and other products for his YouTube channel.

Santagato is already an established YouTuber but remains young enough to make waves in the entertainment world. He enjoys great popularity on social media, as evidenced by his large social media following and wide fan base; so it will be fascinating to witness his growth over time. As his popularity soars, his net worth should increase along with it – winning numerous awards already for his work, not to mention having amassed an enormous Instagram following and winning awards himself; Santagato is undoubtedly an extraordinary comedian with enormous potential in future entertainment endeavors!

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