Joey Merlino Net Worth

Joey Merlino Net Worth

Joey Merlino is a well known criminal and head of the Philadelphia crime family. He is a gangster who was convicted for racketeering and aggravated assault. The crime reporter believes that he is the boss of the Philadelphia-South Jersey mafia.

Joseph Salvatore “Skinny Joey” Merlino is an American mobster who came to power in the mid-1990s. He has led a family of gambling and usury criminals. This Italian-American gangster was convicted of RICO crimes in 2001. However, he is currently free on a $5 million bond.

Joey Merlino is the son of Salvatore “Chuckie” Merlino and Rita Merlino. They were both born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in South Philadelphia. At age sixteen, Joey and his friends began working for the local mob. Their crew, often called the “Young Turks,” was a group of neighborhood mobsters.

After serving 12 years in prison, Joey was released in 2011. In 2011 he was transferred to a halfway house. A year later, he was back in court and convicted of a variety of racketeering charges. One of the charges was a conspiracy to commit cocaine trafficking. Another charge was a conspiracy to extort a person.

As part of a plea deal, Joey agreed to serve between 10 and 16 months in jail for his role in the illegal gambling transactions. But his sentence was commuted to four months in prison in 2015 for parole violation.

After serving his sentence, Joey moved to Boca Raton, Florida. There he opened a restaurant in 2014, which was shut down in 2016. According to the media, the restaurant was owned by a group of investors. It featured recipes from Merlino’s mother.

Following his release, he returned to South Florida and ran a restaurant there. Eventually, he settled into a $400,000 townhouse in a cul-de-sac. His new life was not without its challenges. During his trial in January, his attorneys argued that he was framed by cooperating criminals. He also said that he was retiring from the mob and moving on to a job as a carpet installer.

Despite his conviction, the media continues to speculate that Joey Merlino is still the boss of the Philadelphia-South Jersey mafia. The FBI, according to sources, believes that he is still leading the mafia.

As a professional gangster, Joey has amassed a large fortune. He is considered one of the wealthiest criminals in the country. During his gangster career, he has earned a net worth of more than $5 million.

Joey Merlino is a very goal oriented man. He has a lot of zest to accomplish his goals. He is married and has two children with his wife, Deborah. If you have been wondering about his personal life, it is not something he has publicly disclosed. Rather, he prefers to keep it private.

Joey is a very successful Criminal who has an estimated net worth of over $50 million in 2022. If you are interested in learning more about him, you can check out his official website.

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