Johnny Alite Net Worth

John Alite Net Worth – How Much Is John Alite Worth?

John Edward Alite, commonly known by his alias of Johnny Alletto, is an American former Gambino crime family associate who testified against John A. “Junior” Gotti in 2008. Pleading guilty to racketeering charges and being sentenced to 10 years imprisonment early due to cooperating with prosecutors, Johnny Alletto was released early under a five-year supervised release plan in 2012.

John Alite has since turned to writing, co-authoring several books detailing his life as an infamous mafia member and creating the podcast Mafia Truths with John Alite – where he interviews other former mob members and discusses various aspects of mafia life. Additionally, Alite is also an accomplished musician having played with various popular bands over time.

Alite was involved in multiple criminal activities throughout his gangster career and is responsible for over 40 shootings. Throughout this time he was arrested multiple times and had an extensive criminal record that included convictions for aggravated assault, illegal possession of weapon and even transporting sperm donation kits into and out of prison for an inmate.

In the late 1980s, Alite was one of John Gotti’s top enforcers and earned over $1 million annually from drug dealing activities alone. Unfortunately, his relationship with the mafia began to break down when he confronted Carmine Agnello over his extramarital affair with Victoria Gotti’s wife.

After his fall from grace with the Mafia, Alite fled to Tampa, Florida and found work as a valet parking cars for local businesses. But shortly thereafter he ran into trouble with federal prosecutors and was charged with various offenses, such as illegal possession of weapon. Additionally he was found guilty for intimidating and threatening his boss’ daughter and her new flame – leading them to charge him again with various crimes including illegal weapon possession.

After his release from prison, Alite returned to Tampa with Claudia DiPippa and their four children, where he currently resides. Since then he has become more active by giving talks and encouraging young people not to follow in his footsteps; writing four books detailing his Mafia experiences; as well as co-hosting an immensely popular podcast called Mafia Truths with John Alite.

Alite is an outspoken critic of the HBO documentary Gotti: In The Shadow Of My Father, which paints an inaccurate portrayal of his former boss and mob activity. He has publicly expressed his grief over the death of his daughter Chelsea from an accidental Fentanyl overdose, as well as speaking out against stigma surrounding mental health conditions. John Alite has become the focus of many articles and news stories in the media due to his controversial statements, leading to many articles and media stories being written about him. John’s current net worth stands at $500,000. John was born September 30th 1962 and raised in New York City by Albanian immigrants from Gjirokaster; attending Brooklyn Technical High School before going on to Manhattan College for further education.

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