Jon Seda Net Worth

Jon Seda Net Worth

Jon Seda is a renowned American actor. He has made appearances in many films and TV series, including Homicide: Life on the Street, Gladiator, and Chicago Fire. Aside from his acting career, he has also had a lucrative business. Currently, he is the owner of a football team, the New York Angels. This is where his net worth is derived from.

He was born on October 14, 1970, in Manhattan, New York. His parents are of Puerto Rican heritage. When he was young, he had dreams of becoming a boxer. After high school, he started working out in a gym. During his career, he won a number of amateur bouts. Eventually, he became a runner-up in the New Jersey Golden Gloves tournament.

In 2010, he was nominated for the Imagen Foundation Awards. The following year, he earned a nomination for the Best Male Lead in the Spirit Awards for his role in I Like It Like That. However, his most prestigious award came when he received the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival for his performance in the World War II mini-series The Pacific.

Although Jon Seda is a famous figure, there are no official rumors about a breakup. Rather, he has been romantically involved with Lisa Gomez. They married in 2000. Together, they have four children, Haley Bella, Madison, Jessica, and Jon Jr.

Jon Seda is currently the highest paid actor in the world. His net worth is estimated to be around $185 million. Some of his income comes from acting, advertising, and his own line of vodka. Moreover, he has substantial property holdings.

Despite his fortune, Jon Seda has had a difficult year. He has been in a scandal and had to undergo plastic surgery. As a result, he looked like his career was winding down. But, he is set to continue his role in the Chicago P.D. spin-off, which will air in 2017. Also, he has been in several movies. For instance, he appeared in Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks.

Jonathan Seda has made his way into the spotlight in the late 1990s. In his first film, Gladiator, he played Romano, a Cuban boxer. Later, he also played Jose in 12 Monkeys. Before that, he had a part in the HBO World War II mini-series, The Pacific. And, he even had a cameo in the Ludacris song, Runaway Love.

Jon Seda has starred in several other films, including King Rikki, which was a reimagining of Shakespeare’s Richard III in East L.A., and the NBC apocalyptic drama pilot La Brea. Another highlight was his recurring role in Chicago Fire. Now, he is starring as Dr. Benjamine Glass in 2020.

One of the most recognizable actors in the United States, Jon Seda has had a career spanning more than two decades. Having started his acting career as an amateur boxer, he has gone on to star in several television shows and movies. Currently, he has a house and a car that will be renovated in 2022. Nonetheless, his main source of income is his acting career.

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