Joseph Laundrie Brother

The Laundries’ son, Gabby, went missing last week and their family was devastated. Although Cassie Laundrie gave an interview to ABC News shortly after her daughter’s body was found, her parents have yet to talk about their missing daughter. Joseph Laundrie is Cassie’s brother and works in the family’s Long Island juicer. A reporter approached him to comment on Cassie’s disappearance, but he abruptly hung up when contacted.

According to the police department, a forensics team is investigating the incident, and several jurisdictions are involved in the case. The FBI is helping in the investigation. It began after North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison claimed that he had a lead about Laundrie’s location. Steven Bertolino (the family’s lawyer) reached out to Laundrie’s family for comment. The investigation is ongoing and will continue for some time.

The family and police are investigating Brian Laundrie’s death. After Laundrie went on a hike with his parents, the investigation began. Later, he returned home without his girlfriend, Gabby Petito. On Sept. 19, her body was found in Wyoming. Brian Laundrie is believed to have killed his ex-fiancee, who was also with him. The case attracted international attention and is still under investigation.

In a recent statement, his parents released a statement about their son’s disappearance. Brian Laundrie’s disappearance remains a mystery, despite the tragedy. Cassandra Laundrie was his mother and a long-time friend. The two men were together for many years before Gabby disappeared. Their parents were unable talk to Brian Laundrie who was an interest in the case.

The family of Gabby believes that Mr Laundrie’s son is not the perpetrator of her disappearance. After a trip, he and Gabby left the house. However, they later traveled to Venice. The police were notified and deemed him a person-of-interest. His parents summoned the police to their home on September 15, 2021. They believe Gabby was upset by her brother’s disappearance, and wanted to get closer to him.

Two Nassau County police officers tackled a suspect in a series of robberies in Bellmore-Merrick. Both men wore Hobbs rollneck sweaters and cranberry-colored coats. At 4:58 a.m. on May 31, a video of Brian Laundrie talking to a police officer appeared online. He was also featured on the ESPN 30-for-30 film “Big Shot.”

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