Josh Homme Net Worth

Josh Homme Net Worth – Rock Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Record Producer

Joshua Michaels Homme is an internationally-acclaimed rock singer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer best known as the founder and member of Queens of the Stone Age since 1996. As founder, Homme played guitar, drums and bass as well as singing in the band. Additionally he composed film scores and has several film projects underway while being an investor with various investments and business pursuits spanning various sectors. Homme is extremely wealthy owning several luxury cars and houses and owning numerous investments as well as having various business ventures he’s involved with as he owns several luxury cars and houses plus numerous investments that spans various investments with businesses that span multiple industries – his wealth is evident by all accounts!

Josh Homme, a successful rock singer with an estimated net worth of $10 Million. He has released several albums and has long been part of Queens of the Stone Age band. Additionally, Homme has collaborated with and produced music by numerous renowned musicians – as well as being part of Them Crooked Vultures group alongside Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones.

The band has achieved worldwide fame and sold millions of records worldwide. Additionally, they have received multiple awards and nominations for their music over time; Josh Homme’s success with this band has allowed him to amass an immense fortune through it all.

Since over three decades, Homme has been in the music industry, and it is evident that his talent has not diminished with time. Not only is he an exceptional musician but also a highly successful entrepreneur; his band has become one of the most beloved worldwide. Together they revolutionized rock music genre.

As well as his musical career, Homme is also an accomplished actor and has appeared on countless TV shows and movies such as Hot Rod (2007) and Comedy Bang! Bang! and Portlandia. Additionally Homme writes regularly for various publications.

Josh Homme has found happiness in marriage; his partner Brody Dalle, singer-songwriter and guitarist for punk band The Distillers, and they have three children together.

Josh Homme has been involved in several high-profile incidents and run-ins with law, such as drunkenly assaulting two members of Blag Dahlia at Los Angeles’s Dragonfly club in 2004 while drunk. Additionally, he had issues with drug abuse and alcoholism as well as being gay (his brother Jason being an active musician himself). Yet despite these difficulties his family remains happy and prosperous – Josh owns two houses (one located in Hollywood Hills and another one near Palm Desert for over $900K in 2010 with listings at $975,000 each), as well as multiple luxurious vehicles to travel exotic places around the country!

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