Judge Judy’s Boat

Judge Judy has a net worth of $200 million and rents a 155ft yacht named Triumphant Lady in the Bahamas. The yacht cost her $16 million and is equipped with a glass-bottom spa pool, a gym, and 10 guest cabins. Judge Judy also has a bikini-bod and has met famous pigs.

She flies twice a month to Los Angeles to film the show. She also has a private jet. In the show, Judge Judy is able to see her clients’ cases and have a more intimate experience. But there are several problems that she must deal with. A private jet doesn’t mean she’s free of the strict regulations of the courtroom, and she’s paid by the show.

The judge owns several homes in the U.S. Her real estate holdings are worth a staggering $66 million. She owns two homes in Naples, Florida, both worth more than $12 million. She also owns a nine-bedroom mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her five-bedroom Beverly Hills condo is worth $10.7 million. In New York City, she has a $8.5 million apartment and a $9 million mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

The net worth of Judge Judy may surprise you. While she may be a TV star, she’s also a businesswoman and has invested in her own production company, Queen Bee Productions. She has produced court shows like Hot Bench, which has over three million viewers. Her net worth is nearly $500 million.

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