Judy Dupart Net Worth

Jesseca Dupart Net Worth

If you are a fan of television series and celebrity, you might know who Jesseca Dupart is. This entrepreneur is known for her contributions to the community. She is also a mentor to young women. Besides being an influencer, she also has a successful business venture, which brings in a decent amount of money.

Among her many accomplishments, she is the creator of a hair care product line, Kaleidoscope Hair Products. The products are sold in various outlets, including Walmart, Target, and Sally Beauty. They generate over $12 million in annual sales. Aside from her business, she also holds a real estate portfolio.

Before she became famous, Dupart used to be a hairstylist. She started her career at RoJes Barber Shop and RoJes Beauty Salon. At this time, she earned enough to open her own hair studio. It was later burned down, but she did not give up. Instead, she reopened it in 2014.

As a result of her entrepreneurial endeavors, Dupart’s net worth has increased. Her company has been able to sell over $30 million in pure products. In addition, she has been able to invest her life savings into the business. By the end of 2018, the company had already generated over one million dollars in monthly sales.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Dupart is a teacher, writer, and mentor. She is credited for having helped countless women in the world to achieve their dreams. For this reason, she has a lot of fans across the globe. Additionally, she has been awarded with the Keys to the City of New Orleans.

She is also a mother of two boys. One of her sons is Byron Jr. He is a recent college graduate who majored in Marketing. Another is Kenzie Ann.

When she was a child, Dupart’s father died. However, her mother is still alive. During her teens, she had miscarried twins. Later, she got married and gave birth to her first daughter, Deja Dupart. But her marriage did not last long. Eventually, she remarried in her late twenties. After her marriage, she reconnected with her partner Da Brat.

In the present, she has been seen in various shows. She is also an executive producer of a show, Brat Loves Judy. Currently, she has 2.5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, she is a mother of three kids. Moreover, she is the partner of renowned American rapper, Da Brat. Earlier, the pair was engaged and they have been in a relationship for a while. With this relationship, they have a total net worth of $8 million.

Some of her notable accomplishments are being named as a Richest Entrepreneur by Forbes, and she is the recipient of the Keys to the City of New Orleans. Despite her entrepreneurship and celebrity status, she is still a mother, who gives her time to help others. Having a family has made her a proud and loyal woman.

Although her net worth is currently at $10 million, she is a rich entrepreneur who can easily achieve more.

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