Julia Ormond Net Worth

Julia Ormond Net Worth

Julia Ormond is a British actress who is best known for her roles in movies such as The Baby of Macon, Legends of the Fall, First Knight, Sabrina, Smilla’s Sense of Snow and The Barber of Siberia.

She has been a member of the British Broadcasting Corporation since 1997 and was appointed as the Director of the BBC’s Film Department in 2006. Her role as Joanna Beauchamp on Witches of East End has earned her two Primetime Emmy nominations, and she is currently one of its highest paid stars. She has also appeared in several television series, including Law & Order: Criminal Intent and CSI: NY.

Ormond was born in 1965, in Epsom, England to Josephine (a laboratory technician) and John Ormond (a stockbroker). She went to independent schools in her early years, where she started gaining recognition for her lead performances in Guys and Dolls and My Fair Lady.

During her childhood, she lived in a large mansion in London. Her father was a millionaire and was very successful, so she was able to enjoy a life of luxury. But when her parents divorced, she had to work hard to support herself and her family.

She eventually decided to pursue an acting career and made her TV debut in 1989 with the series Traffik, a thriller about the illegal heroin trade. She went on to appear in many films and series, including Capital City, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Young Catherine, Stalin and many others.

Her career has also been boosted by her involvement with charitable causes. She has set up the Alliance to Stop Slavery and End Trafficking, an organization that works to combat human trafficking. She is also a co-chair of Film Aid International and an advocate for Transatlantic Partners Against AIDS.

The 57-year-old actress has also made a name for herself in the world of theater, with roles in such plays as My Zinc Bed, My Fair Lady, and The Seagull. She is a two-time Olivier Award nominee, and has received numerous other accolades for her work on the stage.

In addition to her extensive acting resume, Ormond has also written screenplays for feature films and television shows. Her most recent movie is Rememory, a fantastic detective story that has garnered much attention and success.

Ormond’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. This figure includes her salary, residuals and other income sources.

She has two previous marriages and a daughter. Her first marriage was with actor Rory Edwards, who she met on the set of Wuthering Heights. However, this relationship did not last long and they divorced in 1994. She later married political activist Jon Rubin, and together they have a daughter, Sophie.

Ormond is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, and her activism has helped to raise awareness of human trafficking worldwide. She has been a vocal supporter of the fight against this cruel practice, and she regularly travels to countries where it is rife. In 2007, she launched the Alliance to Stop Slavery and End trafficking, a charity that works to help victims. She has fought this problem for more than 20 years, and continues to do so.

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