Junior Kimbrough Net Worth

Junior Kimbrough Net Worth

Junior Kimbrough revolutionized hill country blues, or at least its form, into mainstream society. His music conveys a strong sense of place and time as well as reflecting hardships faced by residents of Mississippi’s hill country region. Known for his intense guitar playing and raw sound, Junior influenced numerous musicians such as Iggy Pop, the Black Keys, and Jack White.

Kimbrough was born in Hudsonville, Mississippi around 1930/1931 and began playing guitar as soon as he heard blues musician such as Mississippi Fred McDowell’s sound. Early in his career he owned and performed at various juke joints in Mississippi’s Delta and Hill Country regions despite not becoming widely known outside the state itself.

Kimbrough made his first recording, “Tramp”, for Philwood Records in Chulahoma during the late 1960s and his sound quickly developed as more musicians such as Charlie Feathers began performing alongside him at this time. Kimbrough became increasingly popular, eventually opening his own juke joint and hosting Sunday afternoon house parties there where he and his band would perform.

Kimbrough’s success at his juke joint led him to record All Night Long with Oxford’s Fat Possum Records in 1992, earning him greater exposure outside Mississippi. Over the next several years he continued hosting parties weekly before opening up another juke joint in Holly Springs that hosted performances every Thursday and Sunday evening with Kent Burnside on drums and Garry Burnside playing bass – two regular performers for him there as well.

Kimbrough’s sound continued to evolve throughout his career, yet remained true to its roots and unique style. He had an enormous impact on blues music as an influencer and mentor figure for generations of musicians seeking out its roots while adding elements from it into their own sounds.

Although he died of a heart attack at age 67 in 1998, his legacy as one of Mississippi’s most celebrated and influential musical figures remains undiminished. His music still resonates with audiences worldwide and left an indelible mark on blues; his recordings remain popular with fans while annual festivals in his honor continue to pay homage. Since his passing his net worth has skyrocketed significantly and now ranks him among one of Mississippi’s richest musicians; remember him fondly for both his talent and ability to touch lives through music!

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