K-Drama Thrillers That Will Give You Goosebumps!

 There’s nothing like a good thriller show or movie that really gives you the heebie-jeebies! And while American thriller shows are pretty creepy and captivating in their own right, Korean thriller shows take things to the next level. Romance K-dramas are known for their cute storylines and whatnot, however, when it comes to thriller or horror, they really do outdo themselves! Hence, the reason for this list of thriller Korean dramas that you can start streaming in your free time.

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Having discussed this, let’s move on to the K-dramas you need to add to your list!

Flower of Evil

This Korean drama is about a perfect family consisting of a husband, a wife, and a 6-year-old daughter. However, things aren’t really what they seem and this family is far from perfect. The wife, Cha Ji-won, is the first one to realize this when she suspects her husband, Baek Hee-sung, has some connection to a series of murders that she is investigating.

This K-drama has often been compared to the Netflix hit series “You” because of its disturbing and violent nature. However, this is also what makes it so worth the watch!


There are plenty of shows and movies about serial killers and psychopaths. However, this K-drama might be one of the few that takes a different turn or approach to this problem. Jeong Ba-reum is a righteous police officer who is chasing after a psychopathic serial killer. His partner, Go Moo-chi, is working with him in order to find out the true reason behind a person’s psychopathic behaviors.

In addition to that, this drama urges the reader to think about whether a killer is born or created. And if they are just born that way, is it okay to even have that child?


Oh Ji-soo is a top student with good grades and a great reputation with his classmates and teachers, although he mostly keeps to himself. At the same time, he is also a security service provider for an illegal prostitution business to make money.

While he has done everything he can to keep both things separate, unfortunately, when one classmate takes an interest in his secret and learns about it, things go out of control very fast. The basic concept of this show isn’t new, but it is the way the story is carried out is why it has made it to this list.

Strangers from Hell

This K-drama was adapted from a webtoon (South Korean digital comic) of the same name and is also called “Hell is Other People”. Yoon Jong-woo, a young man in his twenties, has just moved to the city after landing an internship at a company in Seoul. Because he is low on money, he must make do with a cheap and questionable residence in Eden Studio, a dormitory.

Of course, he is far from happy in this place and it doesn’t help that the residents are all very creepy and clearly have some dark secrets. One of the residents, Seo Moon-jo, seems very interested in Jong-woo and he might be the most dangerous of them all.


Zombie-outbreak-style shows are plenty. While the genre and plot are highly repetitive, it depends on how well the actors and directors carry out the story. This K-drama is quite similar, although they have done a great job of carrying out the story creatively. Yoon Sae-bom and Jung Yi-hyun are high school friends, both of whom decide to get married in order to secure an apartment in a good area.

Sae-bom works in the Special Operations Unit and Yi-hyun works as a detective. Soon after they move into their new apartment, a disease breaks out, which causes people to lose control and thirst for human blood. However, one thing about this disease is that it doesn’t permanently cause a person to lose control, rather there are moments when they do and then snap out of it.

All in all

While there are a lot of options all around you for thriller movies and TV shows, you can rarely find something that is really worth your time. Sometimes, you find something that is really good but it is in a different language.

Nonetheless, you should never let the language barrier stop you from enjoying a good show that is masterfully done. And if you have been a fan of Korean shows and dramas, then you shouldn’t even hesitate to watch these shows! Just turn it on and start streaming!

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