Kassem G Net Worth

Kassem G Net Worth

Kassem G is an American comedian and YouTube celebrity known for his comedy videos on YouTube. In addition to this success on the web, he has appeared in TV shows and films and earned a substantial income through these endeavors. Kassem currently boasts two channels (KassemGone and KassemGtwo) which together have amassed over 2.5 million subscribers and 441 million views with revenue coming in through ads, sponsorships and merchandise sales monetizing these videos as a source.

Kassem began his YouTube channel in 2006 as an amateur hobby, uploading short skits and stand-up comedy videos for fun. However, as his videos began gaining traction he decided to take them more seriously by quitting his day job to focus exclusively on making videos full time. Within no time his channel became an instantaneous success and Kassem started earning an income stream through ads as well as other sources.

Kassem G co-founded Maker Studios alongside Shay Butler and Lisa Donovan in 2009, later selling it to The Walt Disney Company for $500 million. Kassem has subsequently made significant strides in his career by hosting Equals Three web series on YouTube and making six appearances on cannabis culture focused podcast Getting Doug With High podcast.

Kassem hails from Amman, Jordan; however, when he was four he moved with his family to Kissimmee Florida before eventually settling in Ventura County California. Kassem stands 6ft 1in and is of Jordanian and Egyptian heritage. A vegan, Kassem advocates healthy living. Kassem G has two daughters with his longtime partner Jessi whom he frequently attends Lakers games with her.

Kassem’s total net worth remains unknown to the public but is estimated to be in the millions. Much of his wealth comes from YouTube where he generates revenue through ads, sponsorships and merchandise sales; additionally he makes a respectable salary through acting and vlogging careers as well as from Maker Studios being sold off.

Kassem G has taken steps to diversify his wealth by investing in real estate and other assets, as well as donating a significant portion of his income to charitable causes. He uses his remaining money for regular living expenses, entertainment costs and hobbies. Successful people often invest a portion of their wealth into assets like real estate or other business ventures in order to reduce risk and increase overall income – something especially crucial for YouTubers, who often produce new content daily and need to stay productive throughout their production schedules.

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