Kate Smith Net Worth

Kate Smith Net Worth – How Much is Kate Smith Worth?

Kathryn Elizabeth Smith, commonly referred to as Kate Smith, was born May 1, 1907 in Greenville, Virginia and became one of the most celebrated singers and radio personalities of her era. Additionally she held numerous other talents including acting, authorship and philanthropy – earning numerous accolades such as receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom and being widely considered one of history’s most influential women.

Smith was widely recognized for her incredible voice, as well as for her charm and personality. A lover of arts and travel alike, Smith became an international role model.

In the 1930s, she scored several hits with “River, Stay Away from My Door” and “Too Late.” However, her most iconic song came when she recorded Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America,” quickly becoming an anthem of American patriotism that continued its popularity even after World War II had started.

Smith had an illustrious career that spanned nearly eighty years. She hosted various daytime radio shows and appeared in various television series; among these were The Kate Smith Hour on NBC from 1950-1954 and CBS’s Kate Smith Show from 1960. Additionally, she appeared as a guest star in numerous shows while appearing at numerous concerts worldwide.

Smith was well known for her undying devotion to America and its people. A dedicated patriot, she was honored by every president from Roosevelt to Reagan. During World War II she sold over six hundred million dollars worth of war bonds while entertaining troops across the nation with her traveling show. Dubbed by some as “radio’s Statue of Liberty”, Smith became beloved among millions of Americans.

Kate Smith wrote two autobiographies, Living in a Great Big Way (1938) and Upon My Lips a Song (1960), as well as publishing her Company’s Coming Cookbook in 1960. After her death on June 17th 1986 in Raleigh North Carolina, Lake Placid named a street in her honor, as well as creating the Kate Smith Commemorative Society which holds regular meetings to honor her memory in Lake Placid and beyond.

Even after her many achievements, Kate Smith was not immune to criticism. Her plump figure became the subject of much mockery during the early part of her career – particularly during its initial phases when she stood 5 feet 10 inches and weighed around 235 pounds at her peak weight. It often interfered with her performances; frequently seen wearing large girdles when performing live on stage. Fat Kate became famous during this period. Later years saw Smith serve as campy good luck charm for Philadelphia Flyers hockey team singing “God Bless America” before games – helping them win two Stanley Cup championships during this period; now there is a statue dedicated to this woman!

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