Keith Carradine Net Worth

Keith Carradine Net Worth

Keith Carradine is an American actor, musician, and artist who has made significant contributions to entertainment through films, television shows, theatre productions and philanthropy over many years. As such, his celebrity status has earned respect from many.

Born August 8, 1949 in San Mateo, California, Carradine spent much of his early life living in a children’s home after his parents divorced. Later he moved in with his half-brother David Carradine who encouraged his career choice; David paid for acting and vocal lessons and helped secure him an agent; eventually becoming successful both on stage as well as movies/television.

He is best-known for his roles as Tom Frank in Robert Altman’s movie Nashville and Wild Bill Hickok in HBO series Deadwood; as FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy on Showtime series Dexter; as well as numerous guest roles including The Big Bang Theory (as Penny’s father Wyatt), Star Trek: Enterprise (playing serial killer Frank Breitkopf), and Madam Secretary (as President Conrad Dalton).

Carradine has made an illustrious career out of acting, painting and making art prints. Additionally, he is involved with music, writing and publishing; his most recent album Incarnate was released in 2021 and hosted a month-long Western movie marathon on Turner Classic Movies.

Carradine has always stayed true to his principles and values throughout his long and successful career, championing social justice as an essential aspect of human experience. Additionally, he advocates for protecting natural resources while raising awareness about global humanitarian concerns.

Keith has been married twice. On November 18th 2006 he wed actress Hayley DuMond after meeting her on set of Burt Reynolds film, The Hunter’s Moon. They share one son together named Sean David; previously he had been married to actress Sandra Will and had two children with her; romantically involved with Shelley Plimpton who gave birth to Martha Plimpton daughter of their relationship.

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