Kelis Net Worth 2022

Kelis Net Worth 2022

One of the best vocalists of all time, Kelis has achieved fame in many different ways. She’s a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and has also worked in the food industry. The American celebrity has a net worth of $4 million by 2022. Her fortune comes from the sale of her albums and her performances.

As a singer, she has released six studio albums. Kelis has sold over six million copies of her records worldwide. In addition to the money she has made from her music, Kelis has earned a large amount of money from her other careers. For example, Kelis has been on tour with U2 and has performed on Moby’s Area One Tour. Moreover, she has also published a cookbook.

In the early years of her career, Kelis had to overcome a lot of challenges. It was during this time that she was kicked out of her house for bad behaviour. Despite this, she was encouraged by her mother to pursue a career in the music industry. At the age of 16, Kelis moved out of her parents’ home. After she had been away from her family for several years, she started working in the music industry. This allowed her to gain a larger fan base.

After releasing her first album, Kelis gained a huge amount of fans. Her debut album was certified gold. She continued to release more hit singles and albums. By the end of 2007, she had sold over one million copies of her second album. Kelis has received two nominations at the Grammy Awards, and she has performed at a number of concerts.

Kelis has collaborated with famous artists such as Pharrell Williams and The Neptunes. She has released an iconic song, Milkshake. Another song she is known for is Trick Me.

Kelis has a son with her ex-husband, Nas. They married in 2005. Since then, they have lived in a remote farm outside of Los Angeles. In 2015, they had a son, Shepherd. Their second child, Galilee, was born in November.

When Kelis was a teenager, she used to play various musical instruments. She was a member of the Girls Choir of Harlem. Later, she was part of an R&B trio called the Black Ladies United. But, after she was sixteen, she was forced out of her parents’ home. Throughout her youth, she has been a rebel.

Currently, Kelis is in the process of releasing new studio albums. She is also known for being an entrepreneur. Besides her singing, she also owns a number of real estate properties in America. During her career, Kelis has also done endorsement work for Ford Edge.

While Kelis is known for her extravagant style and music, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She has a house in Los Angeles and a house in Miami. Besides that, she owns a Land Rover. Unlike other celebrities, Kelis rarely gives personal interviews when she isn’t touring.

Kelis is currently married to Mike Mora. He is a licensed real estate agent and photographer.

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