Kenneth Pickell

Kenneth H Pickell, 84, of Bridgewater, died peacefully in 2022

Kenneth H. Pickell (84), of Bridgewater, passed away peacefully in 2022. Born in Somerville to William and Jeanette (Horton) Pickell, he lived in Bridgewater for most of his life before retiring to Toms River, before moving back to Bridgewater in 2021. After serving in the US Army during WWII, Pickell worked for Union Carbide for over 45 years, retiring in 2000. Throughout his career, he volunteered at Lyons Veterans Medical Center.

Occupational therapist Patty Henk worked with kenneth pickell

The rehabilitation process for Ken Pickell at Encompass Health Toms River began in September 2020. He was suffering from pain, general weakness and difficulty performing daily tasks. Pickell was referred to occupational therapist Patty Henk, who focused on pain management and helping him to maintain his independence and mobility. Pickell was also exposed to electrical simulation and other modalities during his rehabilitation. In addition to electrical stimulation, Pickell was also exposed to stretching techniques and heat/ice therapy.

Pickell was a soldier in the Army during the Italian and Sicilian Campaigns. He was wounded by a German artillery shell in the Po Valley. After his recovery, Pickell was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for heroism in Italy. Pickell later returned home to marry and then volunteered at a local VA centre. Henk continued working with veterans like Pickell until her retirement in 2001.

Occupational therapist Joshua Leone is charged with homicide in the death of kenneth pickell

A California Occupational Therapist, Joshua Leone, has been charged with homicide in the death of his neighbor, Kenneth Pickell. Pickell’s wife says that the two got into an argument, and Leone shot Pickell in his back. Pickell had turned to leave and pushed Leone for his guns.

Although police have not ruled out self-defense, the Northampton County coroner’s testimony Thursday suggested that Leone shot Pickell outside Pickell’s garage. The coroner couldn’t say if Pickell was in his garage at the time Leone shot him. This could become a problem if Leone mounts a self defense claim. The law prohibits homeowners from shooting anyone who enters their property. Therefore, the victim’s location is crucial for the prosecution’s case.

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