Kenton Beshore Net Worth

Kenton Beshore Net Worth – How Much is Kenton Beshore Worth?

Kenton Beshore has been serving Mariners Church as its Senior Pastor since 1984, expanding from 200 people to over 13,000 as they follow Jesus, serve their community and change culture together. His communicative ability has enabled Mariners Church to grow exponentially during his tenure at its helm.

Kenton has a passion for helping others understand the Bible’s true message, using storytelling, humor and inspired teaching techniques to make God’s Word accessible and relatable to everyone. Kenton dedicates himself to providing assistance at critical junctures of life and driving God’s truth deeper into their hearts. Together with Lois they have three children named Kenette, Kenton and Kandis.

His church in Orange County, California is among the most influential in California and has been featured in various films. Additionally, he is known as an expert on biblical prophecy and has met with various dignitaries including Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Beshore has long been known for his unflinching assessments of his congregation’s errors; one example being his refusal to back down from an assertion that Mariners Church members should sympathize with illegal immigrants. Donations fell significantly following that statement, leading to last year’s $500,000 shortfall.

As a leader, he possesses a deep compassion for those less fortunate, while dedicating himself to providing individuals with purposeful lives. He’s especially dedicated to encouraging followers of Christ to impact culture by meeting real needs while following in Christ’s footsteps. Additionally, his ability to connect with people across life stages enables him to inspire them toward following in God’s calling – his leadership has been described as visionary, innovative, and creative.

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