Kevin Callahan Obituary

A kevin callahan obitulary provides a brief history of the life and career of the late musician. Born on May 10, 1959, Kevin Callahan lived in St. Petersburg, Florida. He attended North Shore Elementary School and 16th Street Middle School. He also attended St. Petersburg High School. After graduating, he worked for 19 years as an electrical inspector for the City of St. Petersburg before retiring. Kevin’s interests included cooking, eating, and sharing.

Kevin Callahan was a loving husband and a great friend. He and Carmel, his wife, met in elementary school. They were married in 1969. Kevin had his own antique shop and they shared a passion in antiques. The two spent many weekends vanging for treasures. Both were accomplished furniture restorers and painters. They were deeply in love with Irish history, and both of their families were very proud to be Irish.

Kevin was an avid runner, finishing 6 marathons and participating in many other sports. Kevin was a loved family man and will be missed by his loved ones and family. His wife Carmel Callahan and his four daughters will be greatly missed. His brothers Jack, Peter and Phillip are his siblings. He was also survived by his sisters Deirdre Callahan, Gail Callahan, and Laura Callahan, who is the mother of his nephew Ryan.

A kevin callahan obit can include the details of Kevin’s life and work. He was born June 22, 1965 and later moved to Stamford. He graduated from Falmouth High School in 1983. His three passions in life were family, carpentry, and his beloved Denver Broncos. Kevin was survived by his stepfather, Forrest Callahan.

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