Kina Pickett Net Worth

Kina Pickett Net Worth – Extreme Skier and Musician

Saxophonist and musician Steve Jordan is best known for his work with Tower of Power. In addition, he has recorded albums as well as appearing on shows such as Saturday Night Live and Late Night with David Letterman, making an estimated net worth of $3 Million.

Kina Pickett first gained an appreciation of nature while growing up in Vermont with his parents always encouraging him to experience different sights and cultures around the globe. Additionally, his 13 years as professional skier deepened this love for wilderness.

ZPPR content sharing platform founder Chris Pickett is living a nomadic lifestyle while on-the-road with his wife Nellie and two children Ashur and Story. Since purchasing an Airstream travel trailer last year, their family has been touring remote destinations across America in their Airstream travel trailer full time.

Coupled with solar panels, an inverter and composting toilets, Nellie and Adam have managed to remain off-grid for weeks at a time. Furthermore, they keep an eye on their children’s education with help from Nellie’s mother (an experienced 40-year educator), tailoring a curriculum which incorporates books with experiential learning opportunities as well as geographical-based education.

This family’s thoughtful approach to outdoor adventure and their willingness to take risks epitomize the lifestyle we promote; one in which it’s more about who is outdoors with you than what activities are being undertaken. Continue reading their journey and their vision for The New Outdoor.

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