Kurtwood Smith Net Worth

Kurtwood Smith Net Worth

Kurtwood Smith is an American actor best known for his roles in various television shows and films, garnering him an enormous following on social media. Over his career he has amassed an impressive net worth. Here we take a closer look at this actor’s net worth while providing more background info.

Smith was born July 3 1943 in New Lisbon City of Wisconsin and is of white ethnicity. He attended Canoga Park High School before going on to San Jose State University for further studies. Smith began acting during the 1970s and has since appeared in countless TV shows and films such as Fox’s sitcom That 70s Show as well as sci-fi film RoboCop.

Smith has not only become known as an actor but has also made significant investments over time in real estate investments and products such as his home in Sherman Oaks, California which is estimated at being worth approximately $1 Million and other properties throughout the United States. Furthermore, he recently introduced a perfume and clothing collection.

Smith has also worked with some acclaimed directors in his career, such as Oliver Stone and Paul Verhoeven, helping earn him many awards and accolades – most notably through playing Red Forman on That ’70s Show which became one of his signature roles.

He has also appeared in films like Changes, Trespassing and The Trouble With Dee Dee as well as various television series and commercials.

Smith is best known for acting, however he also provides voiceover work for numerous television shows and movies. With an avid social media following and community involvement that spans numerous charities as well as supporting arts projects; Smith enjoys making an impression.

As of 2022, Smith is estimated to be worth an estimated $10 million due to his work in films and television shows such as RoboCop and That ’70s Show, among many others. Additionally, he has appeared in other sci-fi titles like Star Trek and X-Files.

Smith loves scuba diving and basketball in his free time, and has two children Laurel Garner and Shannon Smith whom he shares his home with in Lafayette, California. Married twice and a practicing Christian with an astrological chart that indicates he’s Cancer-ruled he has managed to find balance in both aspects of his life – his professional work is well balanced while at home his home life remains vibrant as ever – becoming an inspiration to fans everywhere! We wish him all of the best with his future endeavors knowing he has already accomplished much.

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