Kyle Jones Bull Rider Net Worth

Kyle Jones Bull Rider Net Worth

Kyle Jones Bull Rider Net Worth is one of the highest professional bull riders worldwide. Competing on the PBR circuit and winning multiple awards is just part of what makes Kyle one of the world’s finest professional bull riders. Born and residing in Troy Missouri with his family he currently operates EDGE Triathlon as an endurance sport coaching and consulting business.

Jones is passionate about riding and is unafraid to take risks to achieve his goals. Starting early with calves, he quickly progressed onto larger animals which allowed him to develop both skills and fearlessness necessary for successful bull riding.

Since 2007 he has competed professionally, amassing an impressive collection of victories along the way. Known for being Fast and Aggressive as well as having exceptional Strength and Stamina that allow him to win even the toughest competitions, he is beloved among fans.

Although he has achieved much in life, he has also experienced disappointments and setbacks. For instance, in 2010 while competing at the World Bull Riding Championship he suffered serious spinal damage due to an accident caused by one of his bulls that broke his spine.

Kyle was recently injured at a PBR event in Memphis when Armageddon, one of his bulls, bucked him hard during his run and injured his right leg during escape attempts. Thankfully he managed to escape, although it left permanent scarring on his right leg.

Jones hails from Troy, Missouri and currently resides there with his wife Taya and children Colton and McKenna. As a professional bull rider he has competed at an elite level for more than 10 years – winning several awards along the way as well as amassing an extensive social media following.

Though Kyle Jones Bull Rider does not reveal their exact net worth, estimates put his estimated earnings somewhere in the vicinity of several million dollars. Successful bull riders often earn significant sums through prize money, sponsorships and endorsement deals as well as business ventures.

Kyle Jones bull rider owns and operates an endurance sports coaching and consulting business called EDGE triathlon, offering endurance coaching services in Niagara Region as well as online. He has participated in multiple international competitions and holds four Canadian National titles. Furthermore, in addition to professional bull riding he served in United States Marine Corps elite Navy Seal unit receiving medals of service; also an author/public speaker; with numerous books written about bull riding; highly regarded figure in rodeo industry as member of Professional Bull Riders Hall of Fame (PBR).

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