Kyle Troup Net Worth

Kyle Troup Net Worth

Kyle Troup is an American professional bowler competing on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour (PBA Tour). Over his career he has amassed an estimated earnings of over $2 Million; becoming one of the premier bowlers on this circuit. Renowned for his vibrant personality and distinct bowling style that have brought newcomers into bowling; Kyle’s talent has helped attract an entirely new audience into bowling!

Troup was raised in Taylorsville, North Carolina. A standout in youth leagues he earned the nickname of “Guppy”. After winning a state title with his team he decided to pursue bowling as a career and turn pro in 2008. Competing on PBA regional tours while working at Wendy’s as manager while bowling professionally eventually led him to regional titles and ultimately earning Player of the Year recognition twice from PBA Southern Region Tour in 2013 and 2014.

After experiencing success at a local level, he made the leap onto the national PBA tour in 2015. Since then, he has gone on to win more titles and reach four championship rounds during 2015 alone; first winning at PBA Wolf Open in Shawnee Oklahoma then Downums Waste Services Xtra Frame Open and Gene Carter’s Pro Shop Classic later that year before placing second at Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship.

Troup has represented Team USA at several competitions. He represented his country at the Asian Games, World Cup of Bowling, and WBPA International Championships; additionally, he won seven major tournaments on the PBA Tour (including four PBA Tournament of Champions titles).

At various other events, including the 2021 PBA Playoffs, he has reached the final. Beyond his professional achievements, he also boasts an impressive social media following and actively takes part in charity work.

Kyle lives a quiet, focused life that centers around his career goals and avoids controversies or scandals. It remains unknown if there are plans for marriage in his near future.

Kyle makes sure to set aside time for his family despite his busy schedule. He often joins Tyler for family bowling sessions at local lanes and provides his support at their wrestling matches.

Kyle Troup’s mother Sherri Herndon Troup battled cancer until it eventually claimed her life in 2020, becoming a great source of motivation and support for him as an athlete. While this tragedy struck the family hard, Kyle continues to honor her memory through his performances – dedicating his fourth PBA Jonesboro Open victory to her memory! Furthermore, he is an avid WWE fan who gifted his father Guppy a replica of his World Heavyweight Champion belt as an anniversary present.

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