Lady To Queen Spoiler

Lady to Queen Spoiler Warning

In a recent episode of the CW drama, Lady to Queen, the titular character is revealed to be a cocksucker. As the custodian insists on resigning the game for the sake of sportsmanship, Beth loses the game, thus essentially dooming herself. As punishment, she calls Shaibel a “cocksucker,” locks her out of the basement, and is forced to clean erasers outside. When she reaches the orphanage, she sees two teens having a relationship beyond the orphanage gate. In the meantime, she sees Alma reading a book on human anatomy and confronts her.

Eloise is headstrong and in search of the real Lady Whistledown, but is misunderstood by the Queen. She starts a relationship with a boy who works at Lady Whistledown’s print shop, Theo, who has a nerdy crush on her. However, the Queen thinks that Eloise is Lady Whistledown, and Penelope writes a gossip pamphlet about her, which makes Eloise break off the relationship with Theo and abandons the search for a gossip writer.

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