Lea Salonga On Sarah Geronimo

Lea Salonga has responded to the negative criticism that Sarah Geronimo received after she made some controversial choices during the audition process. She shared her views on social media and explained that Sarah is not mistaken in her choices and the other contestants’ performance.

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Sarah Geronimo’s boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli, replied to Salonga’s tweet with a thumbs-up emoticon. Fans and critics alike praised the sweet gesture. The tweet is now making the rounds on social media and has been shared by several people who love the actress and the actor.

Lea Salonga is the editor of Philippine Entertainment Portal and also manages Miguel Dumaual, a hopeful in ‘Voice Kids’. The show is currently airing on the Fox network. The Voice Kids premiered on May 24, 2014.

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Another hit reality show in the Philippines is ‘The Voice’. The show is produced by Talpa Media Group, which is based in the Netherlands. The show’s Philippines edition will include Lea Salonga and Bamboo Manalac. ‘The Voice’ Philippines will be broadcast on ABS-CBN.

The show’s popularity is measured by the amount of viewers. According to a Nielsen poll conducted by Mega Manila, the show has a 4.6 rating. It has also received strong reviews from critics. Lea Salonga has an impressive body of work, which will be an important factor when it comes to promoting the show. She is also an excellent actress, and will surely make fans very happy!

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During the filming of the third season of ‘Sarah Geronimo’, Lea Salonga appeared in an uncharacteristic cameo. She portrayed Sarah Geronimo, a young woman who has become a mother. Her love for her son has been a constant source of joy in her life.

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