Lee Navy Parts

You’re unsure how to repair your Lee Navy rifle? You are not the only one. The first Lee Navy rifles, such as the M1895, were designed to look like the U.S. Navy’s.30-40 Krag. They are now readily available through military resale shops. The history of these rifles is littered in problems, from malfunctioning parts to unusable ammunition. Listed below are some tips for repairing your Lee Navy rifle:

The Lee Navy was a revolutionary design that pushed the boundaries of technology. Despite its success in the Navy, it didn’t last long on the commercial market. The Lee Navy was gone by the 1930s and was now a history of small arms. It is rare to find an operational Lee Navy that is fully intact. The best place to buy a replacement part is an online military resale store.

The M1895 Lee Navy is a straight-pull bolt-action rifle. It was designed by James Paris Lee in 1895 and produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1895 to 1906. The Lee Navy was Winchester’s first attempt to make a small-bore rifle that uses smokeless cartridges. The United States Navy also adopted it in small quantities. However, the model was only a part of the venerable Lee Navy.

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