Lior Bitton Net Worth


Lior Bitton Net Worth

Lior Bitton is an Israeli businessman who is also famous for being the fiance of Jenna Jameson, a famous adult movie star. Lior is worth around $100 million. However, he has been in the media lately for being arrested in an insurance fraud case. He was also recently arrested and placed on probation for three years for his role in the dirty diamond business. This incident has not affected his net worth, but it has certainly made him a media celebrity.

Despite his reputed wealth, there are not many details about his family. Bitton was born in Israel, in the city of Herzliya, which is famous for being a hotbed of entrepreneurial ventures. It is unclear who Bitton’s parents are or whether he has any siblings. However, he holds an Israeli nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

Aside from his professional life, Lior Bitton’s net worth is a topic of discussion in the media. Lior Bitton is an Israeli businessman who is known for owning a retail jewelery store. He is also a fiance of Jenna Jameson, a former adult movie star. Lior Bitton’s wealth is not inflated by rumors or scandals, but it is estimated to be around $100 million.

The Israeli army veteran served in the Israel Defense Forces for two years. After that, he moved to the United States. He established a jewelry business, Pacific Diamonds and Gems Store. Despite its success, the business was beset by a few bumps along the way. Lior Bitton net worth has fluctuated between $9.5 million and $12 million, and his wife Jenna Bitton’s net worth is estimated to be at least $7 million.

Lior Bitton is married to Jenna Jameson, an actress who is famous for her work as a pornstar. He has three children with Jenna, two from previous relationships. His current relationship with Jenna Jameson is on the rocks. They are engaged and expecting their first child together. Despite the fact that Lior Bitton is an orthodox Jew, Jenna is a Roman Catholic.

While Lior Bitton isn’t married, he is committed to his girlfriend, Jenna Jameson. While he hasn’t disclosed any previous relationships, he has shared a picture of his newborn daughter, Batel Lu Bittion. In addition to the daughter, Lior Bitton is also father to three other children from previous relationships. Lior has also been linked to several illegal activities, but it is unclear whether he is currently married.

Lior has three children from previous relationships. His relationship with Jenna is said to have gotten her pregnant in 2017, while Jenna gave birth to twin boys with Tito Ortiz. The couple live in the United States, where both of them are very dedicated to their countries. Lior is a proud Jewish American and is proud of it. In addition to his marriage with Jenna, Lior is also the owner of a diamond business in the United States.

As of 2022, Lior Bitton’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. While her net worth isn’t officially disclosed, she is an incredibly popular media personality. The vast majority of Bitton’s wealth comes from her business, Pacific Gems and Diamonds. Whether the source of Lior Bitton’s fortune is in the media, it’s hard to say.

Lior Bitton’s wife, Jenna, is a Jew. She has been converting to Judaism for years, giving up many things to do it. In 2016, Jenna was featured in the film Just Jenna, which chronicled her conversion to Judaism. Lior Bitton played the role of Rabbi Rabi Moray in the film.

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